How to Pair a Subwoofer to a Samsung Soundbar

Wirelessly connect a subwoofer to your soundbar

What to Know

  • Place your soundbar and subwoofer close together, plug both into power, and wait. They should pair automatically. 
  • To manually pair: Power both, turn off soundbar. Hold ID SET button on subwoofer until LED starts blinking. 
  • With soundbar off, push and hold up or mute on controller until ID SET shows on subwoofer display. Turn on soundbar.

This article explains how to get better sound from your Samsung soundbar by adding a subwoofer.

How Do I Pair My Samsung Wireless Soundbar Subwoofer?

Your Samsung soundbar and subwoofer are designed to connect automatically if everything is working correctly, and you follow a few basic steps. If that doesn’t work, you can also connect them together manually.

Your Samsung soundbar is only designed to pair wirelessly to a compatible Samsung subwoofer. If you have trouble pairing your subwoofer, check with Samsung to make sure it's compatible with your soundbar.

Here’s how to pair your Samsung wireless soundbar and subwoofer using the automatic connection:

  1. Connect the soundbar power cord to the back of the soundbar if it isn’t already.

  2. Connect the subwoofer power cord to the back of the subwoofer if it isn’t already.

  3. Plug both the soundbar and subwoofer power cords into wall outlets or a power strip.

  4. The blue LED LINK light on the subwoofer will start to blink.

  5. Wait for the soundbar and subwoofer to connect.

  6. If the process is successful, the blue LED LINK light on the subwoofer will stop blinking and glow blue continuously.

    If the LED never stops blinking, it means the process has failed. You can try unplugging both the subwoofer and soundbar from power, plugging them back in, and try again, or use the manual connection method.

How to Manually Pair a Samsung Wireless Soundbar and Subwoofer

If you have trouble connecting your wireless Samsung subwoofer and soundbar, you can pair them manually.

You’ll need your soundbar remote to complete this process. If you can’t find it, install the Samsung soundbar app on your phone, pair it to your soundbar, and use the app in place of the remote.

Here’s how to manually pair your soundbar and subwoofer:

  1. Connect the soundbar and subwoofer power cords, and plug both into wall outlets or a power strip.

  2. Make sure the soundbar is off.

  3. Push and hold the ID SET button located on the back of your subwoofer.

    If the button is recessed, push it using a small pointed object like a paperclip.

  4. Continue holding the ID SET button until the STANDBY light turns off and the blue LINK light starts blinking rapidly.

  5. With the soundbar still off, push and hold the Up button on your remote.

    With some soundbars, you will need to push and hold Mute instead.

  6. Wait for ID SET to appear on the subwoofer display.

  7. If your soundbar didn’t turn on automatically, turn it on manually and wait for the ID SET light on your subwoofer to glow blue continuously. When it does, it means your subwoofer and soundbar have been connected successfully.

What to Do if Your Samsung Soundbar Won't Connect

If you've attempted to connect your Samsung Soundbar manually using the process described above, and the blue light continues to blink, it means the process failed. The first thing you should do is attempt the process at least one more time, as it does sometimes fail. You can also try moving the subwoofer and soundbar close together, and remove any sources of potential interference like nearby Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, and active Bluetooth devices.

If it still doesn’t connect, contact Samsung for further assistance. The components may be incompatible or in need of repair.

  • How do I reset a Samsung soundbar?

    Resetting a Samsung soundbar can solve a lot of problems. First, try unplugging it for 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. If that doesn't work, hold the Power button for about 10 seconds.

  • Where do I place a subwoofer?

    Other that placing it near the soundbar, the best place for your subwoofer is the front of the room. Because bass is omnidirectional, the location of the subwoofer isn't super important on its own, but you should have it near your TV so that its output can properly blend with the center channel.

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