Painting and Sketching Apps for Artists

Mobile Arts is another genre of the mobile photography realm. This genre consists of graphic design, graffiti, illustration, painting, and even 3-D work. It's fascinating what can be done on our devices and the apps we will be listing below are apps that assist in creating mind-blowing images.

From taking your photo and converting it into a watercolor painting to the first initial lines drawn on a sketch on your iPad, the art is amazing. Our hope is to bring some of these artists, such as Urban Muser, to you and provide some tutorials. Before we go that far, let's get these apps out and start putting them on your devices. We've included whether the app will be available for which platform, iOS, Android, Kindle, or Windows. ​

Procreate for iOS

Procreate logo


This digital painting app for the iPad is easy to use and extremely powerful.

Work naturally and fluidly with beautiful customizable brushes, including natural media sets of pencils, charcoal, inks, oil, watercolor, spray paint, airbrushing, abstract, textures and unique digital tools. ​

Procreate offers exceptional performance. It's extremely responsive, precise and fast and automatically saves your artwork in the background while you paint. Blend colors together with the built-in Smudge tool and watch each stroke blend, decay, and even smudge in real time. Paint organically in a minimalist interface that stays out of your way and easily export your artwork as a layered Adobe Photoshop PSD file. 

Procreate is available for iPhone and iPad. 

Tayasui Sketches for iPad

Tayasui Sketches icon

 Tayasui Sketches

Easy to use and elegantly designed, Tayasui Sketches is a groundbreaking digital sketchbook for drawing, doodling, painting, and sketching. Powerful and expressive inks and natural color mixing. Smooth and natural brushes and pen tools. Superb watercolor effects with wet-in-wet washes and blending. 

Perfect for everything from note taking to quick architectural sketches, cartoon, illustration and watercolor painting served to you in an elegant, zen-like interface. ​

Pro Mode brings you additional drawing tools as an in-app purchase.

Tayasui Sketches is available for the iPad. 

Glaze for iOS

Glaze icon


Choose from a wide variety of painterly effects to apply the look of an oil or acrylics painting, with the texture of thick paint strokes of paint. Enter the Workshop by clicking on the button with a hammer and wrench to generate a random effect or create your own unique styles. 

Glazing is a painting technique where you apply translucent layers of paint that produce delicate and subtle shifts in color and unify a painting. In digital art, applying a thin layer of texture or color plays the same role. Try blending your Glaze painting with your original image for a more subtle and natural painting look. ​

Glaze is available for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. 

Deco Sketch for iOS, Android, and Nook

Deco Sketch icon

 Deco Sketch

Completely original modernist painting suite for abstract, geometric, digital art. 

Start with a clean canvas or import your own photo to paint over it. Pick a palette or sample ​colors from your imported image. Work with a diverse collection of unconventional, geometric and adjustable brushes and presets. Experimental and contemporary. 

Deco Sketch revolutionizes the possibilities of iPhoneography and tablet art.

Deco Sketch is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Nook. 

Waterlogue for iOS

Waterlogue icon


Distill your photos into luminous watercolor paintings with a realistic feeling of real paint. Features 12 pre-set styles to customize your watercolors by controlling wetness, pen outlines and color. Easy to use and generates beautiful results. 

Waterlogue is available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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