Will a Registry Cleaner I Pay for Fix More Problems Than a Free One?

Does a Registry Cleaner That Costs Money Offer Benefits Over Free Tools?

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There are plenty of free registry cleaners and also just as many that ask for $10, $20, or more USD to get the job done. However, we have yet to find a commercial registry cleaner that comes close to the features, safety, and speed of any of the top several freeware registry cleaners our list linked above.

When we talk about free vs commercial software, this is the place in the conversation where I'd say something like "unless there's a feature that you're really after in the commercial tool" but frankly, registry cleaners only do one thing - find unnecessary registry keys and remove them.

The free ones do it as well as the commercial ones. There's not that much to it.

Granted, one registry cleaner may find more keys to remove than another, but that's hardly the judge of a good program in this category. See Should I Fix All the Problems a Registry Cleaner Finds? for more on that.

One argument we see from time to time is that commercial registry cleaners often include an "always on" feature, continually keeping your registry clean. While there are certainly advantages to having some tasks taken care of in the background, registry cleaning is not one of those tasks that needs constant attention.

In most cases, you get what you pay for. In the case of registry cleaners, however, it seems that free is best.