Pac-Man World Cheats for PlayStation (PS1)

Learn the Best Cheats and Secrets for Pac-Man World on PS1

The following cheats, codes and secrets are available for Pac-Man World on the PlayStation video game console. You can also look for Pac-Man World hints and tips, and submit your own. 

31 Lives

Pac-Man World for PS1


Bonus Screen

Enter CASHDASH as a password. Then, finish a level to reach a bonus screen.

Extra Continues

Select Classic mode. Before pressing Start, press Select to raise the number of continues to 99.

Extra Hearts for Health


God Mode

Pause the game and press Up, Down, Right, L2 (3 times), Right, Left, Up.

Immortal Enemies




Level Select


Pinball Screen

Enter TOMMYBOY or KNCACKDE as a password. Then, finish a level to reach a pinball screen.

Restart Without Quitting

Enter INANDOUT as a password. You can quit in the middle of the game and return to the Level Selection screen. To return to the main screen, repeat the quit procedure on the Level Selection screen.

Rotate Screen

Enter TWISTEYE as a password. Hold L1 + R1 and press Left or Right to rotate the screen. Press Down to return to normal.

Special Weapons

Enter OTTOFIRE as a password. This allows access to special weapons that never run out of power.

Switch Characters

Enter BODYSWAP as a password. During gameplay, press Triangle to switch characters.

Warp Body

Enter THETHING as a password. Hold L2 + Circle] to cycle through different body shapes. Press L2 + X to return to normal.