Pac-Man World Cheats for PlayStation (PS1)

Learn the best cheats and secrets for Pac-Man World on PS1

Pac-man world 20th anniversary game

The following Pac-Man World cheats, codes, and secrets are available for the PlayStation video game console.

Most of these cheats also work in the 20th Anniversary edition of "Pac-Man World" for PS3.

Pac-Man World Cheats

Some cheats require you to complete certain tasks in the game, yet others require you to press buttons on your controller in a specific sequence.

Effect Cheat Code
Extra Continues Select Classic mode. Before pressing Start, press Select to raise the number of continues to 99.
Invincibility Pause the game and press Up, Down, Right, L2 (3 times), Right, Left, Up.

Access Marathon on Maze Mode

Complete all mazes on Quest Mode.

See the art gallery

Beat all 36 mazes in Maze Mode.
See a Blooper Reel Find all PACMAN letters and complete all levels.