Pac-Man Celebrates 43rd Year With a LEGO Arcade Cabinet You Build Yourself

Featuring a light-up coin slot and a few hidden goodies

Bandai Namco and LEGO have teamed up to create a miniature Pac-Man arcade cabinet out of the renowned building bricks.

In recognition and celebration of the classic arcade game's 43rd anniversary, you can now put together an official (and diminutive) recreation of a Pac-Man arcade machine with LEGO. It's the kind of LEGO + video game crossover we don't see quite as often—though sets like this do exist.

Turning the crank on the side of the Pac-Man LEGO arcade machine

The LEGO Group

As you might expect, the Pac-Man Arcade set is a fairly involved build—with over 2,600 pieces, a height of 12.5 inches, and a few hidden (ignoring that you do have to build them) easter eggs.

Larger LEGO versions of Pac-Man, Blinky, and Clyde sit on top of the cabinet (and rotate to reveal "blue" ghosts) but can be popped off and placed elsewhere as a separate display piece. The set also comes with one light brick, which is used to light up the coin slot, while the crank on the side can be turned to make little LEGO Pac-Man move through the maze.

Opening the back of the Pac-Man LEGO arcade machine

The LEGO Group

And tucked away inside the mini arcade machine is yet another even smaller arcade machine. This vignette showcases someone playing a (proportionally) full-sized game of Pac-Man, complete with wacky arcade carpeting, a coin or token machine, and possibly a bubble gum dispenser? It also looks like it may be removable, so you could potentially display it outside of the cabinet rather than keeping it hidden around the back.

The LEGO Pac-Man Arcade set will be available for purchase both online and in stores for $269.99, starting on Thursday, June 1, for LEGO VIP members (which is free to sign up for). Non-VIPs can buy the set beginning on Sunday, June 4.

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