Oxygen OS 2.1 update brings Manual Camera Mode

Manual camera mode, RAW support, and more.

OnePlus Two

Unlike its predecessor, the OnePlus 2 wasn’t fortunate enough to come pre-installed with the feature-packed Cyanogen OS, due to the companies ending their partnership back in April. Soon after the termination of their collaboration, Cyanogen started partnering with other hardware vendors, such as Yu and Wileyfox, and OnePlus hired key developers from Paranoid Android — another highly popular custom ROM — to develop its own Android-Based operating system, it named it Oxygen OS

OnePlus Two was released with Oxygen OS 2.0 out of the box, which is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, and brought in an array of new features over the first iteration of the OS. For instance, the company introduced Shelf, which is an intelligent space on your home screen which monitors your usage and provides easy access to your frequently used apps and contacts. It also featured Dark Mode, which switches the core theme of the handset from white to black, and there’s an option to change the accent colours of the theme, as well. There are in total of eight different accent colours to choose from. Also, there’s support for 3rd party icon packs, configurable capacitive buttons and quick settings, App Permissions, Waves MaxxAudio integration, and more.

Software is never perfect, no matter how much beta testing you do, there will always be a few bugs which you discover after actually releasing the product to the masses. Oxygen OS is no different, and it’s now receiving its third incremental update — Oxygen OS 2.1.

The latest 2.1.0 update brings in manual mode to the stock camera app, which gives you control over focus, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance. I wish there was an option to manually change exposure as well, maybe the company can add that feature in a future software update. OnePlus has also added support for RAW, but you can’t shoot RAW with the stock camera app, it’s only enabled for 3rd party camera apps. Now, even though it is fully enabled, there were reports of RAW not working correctly with some apps, OnePlus is aware of the issue and will be releasing a patch soon.

I played with the new manual mode on my OnePlus 2 and I think it’s a nice addition, it gives me more control over my pictures and the actual user interface is quite nice as well. I also shot a few pictures in RAW with Manual Camera and they were massive in size; 25MB - DNG format. Basically, what OnePlus has done is, it has finally implemented the Lollipop Camera2 API into Oxygen OS.

OnePlus has added a colour balance slider, which can be found under Display settings, it can be used to adjust the screen’s colour temperature. It has added support for Exchange, fixed the lag with aeroplane mode, and fixed issues that were causing problems with popular 3rd party apps. Moreover, I have noticed slight improvements with the fingerprint sensor. Previously, after dismissing an alarm, the phone would refuse to detect my fingerprint until I turned the screen off and back on again. Nevertheless, after trying to reproduce the bug numerous times and failing at it, it looks like it has been fixed once and for all.

Now you’re probably wondering, how can you update your OnePlus Two to Oxygen OS 2.1? Well, it’s very simple. Make sure your device is connected to the internet, go to Settings > About phone > Software Update and check for updates. It should then automatically start downloading the OTA file, once downloaded, it will ask you to reboot the device in order to install the update. And, that’s it! 

Keep in mind that the update is rolling out in phases, so it might not yet be available in your country. However, don’t panic, it will arrive very soon.


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