What Is an OXT File?

How to Open, Edit, and Convert OXT Files

A file with the OXT file extension is an Apache OpenOffice Extension file. They're used to add more features to OpenOffice applications, such as its Writer word processor, Calc spreadsheet program, and Impress presentation software.

You can download OXT files from the Apache OpenOffice Extensions page. Use the Download extension button on any extension's page to either download the extension directly from OpenOffice or land on a download page on another website that's hosting the file.

Screenshot of several OXT files in Windows 10
OXT Files.

How to Open an OXT File

The primary program used to open OXT files is OpenOffice, via its built-in Extension Manager tool. For versions of OpenOffice that are at 2.2 and later, you can just double-click or double-tap the OXT file to install it. 

Otherwise, here's how to manually install OXT files in OpenOffice:

  1. Open either the main OpenOffice program or one of the OpenOffice applications (Calc, Writer, etc.).
  2. Use the Tools > Extension Manager... menu option to open the Extension Manager window.
  3. From there, click or tap the Add... button at the bottom.
  4. Browse for the OXT file you want to import into OpenOffice.

OpenOffice can open an OXT file directly, but it also supports loading the extension from a ZIP file. This means you don't necessarily need to extract the OXT file from a ZIP archive if that's how it was downloaded. OpenOffice can also open extensions that end with the UNO.PKG file extension.

With that being said, some OXT files are downloaded within ZIP or other archives because they include more information or other files that you need to do something with. For example, some ZIP files have a PDF "help me" document, fonts, and other relevant data that goes along with the extension.

The Extension Manager is also how you update OpenOffice extensions. To do that, just return to Step 2 above and choose Check for updates... It's also how you disable or remove extensions - select an installed extension and click/tap Disable or Remove to turn the extension off or completely uninstall it.

OXT files should also work with NeoOffice, a similar office suite for macOS that's based on OpenOffice.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the SRF file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open SRF files you can change the default program for a specific file extension.

How to Convert an OXT File

It's unlikely that there are any file converters available that can convert an OXT file to a different file format, because it's meant primarily for office suites like OpenOffice. Other programs use their own file formats for extensions.

Still Can't Open Your File?

The OXT file extension is spelled a lot like some similar file formats, so it can be easy to confuse them with each other. This is the primary reason a file won't open with OpenOffice's Extension Manager tool because it's not really an OpenOffice Extension file.

For example, if you double-check the file extension of your file and find that it really reads as .ODT instead of .OXT, what you really have is a text document that can only open with word processors, not function as an extension file.

OTX is another that looks a lot like OXT but actually belongs to a file format that goes by the name "theWord Encrypted Old Testament Text Module." OTX files store an encrypted copy of the Bible's Old Testament for use with the program theWord.

If it's not already clear, make sure to check the file extension of your file. If it's not an OXT file, then research the file extension on Lifewire or Google to see if you can find out which programs can open or convert it.