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What Is OVGuide?

OVGuide is a multimedia search engine that scours the Web for high-quality videos, movies, TV shows, and films. OVGuide connects to more than 3000 movie and video sites, organizing content into an easy to use multimedia directory. The name "OVGuide" stands for Online Video Guide, and the site was founded in 2006.

How to Use OVGuide

There is a lot to browse through at OVGuide, but the navigation (on the left-hand side) is logically planned so you won't get overwhelmed, plus, there's a search box right on the top, Top Searches, Now Watching, and Most Recent lists right under that, Featured Sites right under THAT, and an A-Z Site Index just in case you haven't found what you're looking for yet.

Since there is so much to look at on OVGuide, I suggest you just start browsing around to see what they have to offer - it's a lot to get used to, but it's worth the time.

How to Watch Movies and Multimedia at OVGuide

OVGuide does not host the movies, television shows, and videos that you see linked to on their site. They are a search engine, and merely provide links to thousands of multimedia resources. Therefore, how you watch the movie, TV show, or video that you find on OVGuide is up to the site that actually hosts the content.

OVGuide's Policy on Adding Video Sites

OVGuide has an attractive policy on the sites that they add to their search directory. Each one is editorially reviewed for quality and content, so you have some assurances that the sites will point to good multimedia links. In addition, each OVGuide user can rate and comment on the sites that are found on OVGuide, providing further quality control.

Why Should I Use OvGuide?

OVGuide is a multimedia search directory/search engine that is well-organized with an enormous amount of high-quality content. It's a great way to find all sorts of interesting TV shows, films, videos, and documentaries. The site is frequently updated with new content, rarely experiences any sort of inconvenient downtime, and offers a wide variety of multimedia for even the most discerning searcher.

OVGuide is an online portal to the best multimedia content on the Web. Offering free movies, TV shows, videos, documentaries, and more, OVGuide is a good choice for anyone looking for a one-stop multimedia resource.

OVGuide functions as a search director for films, videos, clips, and more; in other words, the content that you find at OVGuide is not actually hosted by OVGuide, but can be found at other video and multimedia sites around the Web. This actually makes OVGuide a very valuable resource, since searchers can use it to discover content they might not have found using other search tools.

There's a lot of content available at OVGuide, including:

  • Movies: This section offers movie trailers, full-length movies, and movie clips. There's also Movie Video Sites, New Releases, and Top Box Office (information about the most recent in-theater movies).
  • Categories: Scroll down to the bottom of the OVGuide home page, and you'll see a list of categories ranging from Animals to Travel. Each one of these categories offers sub-categories that help users drill further down into their topic of interest.
  • Movie Search: The OVGuide main movie page offers a great variety of different ways users can search for their favorite films, including by title, year, and alphabetically.

    OVGuide is a very popular Web destination for anyone who is looking for the most popular multimedia content. It's a great resource for all sorts of media, anything from blockbusters to classic films to the latest network TV sitcoms. OVGuide is well worth a visit if you're looking for alternatives to pay-for-play multimedia content.

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