What Was OVGuide?

OVGuide description and alternatives

OVGuide was a multimedia search engine that scoured the web for movies, TV shows, movie trailers, and other videos. When it was still running, it connected to several movie sites and video streaming services, and organized them into an easy to use multimedia directory.

OVGuide stands for Online Video Guide. It was founded in 2006 and appears to have stopped updating sometime in 2018. The website still works but only in a bare form of what it used to be, with several dead links and no videos.

OVGuide Features

There was a lot to browse through at OVGuide. At one point, the site design featured a menu at the top for finding movies, TV shows, celebrity information, music, anime, technology videos, and more. The last changes made to the site featured a cleaner design with a full-page side menu.

The movie section worked a lot like the Yidio movie finder service. You could pick a genre or website to find all the free movies they offered. There was also an area of this page to locate movies that you could buy or rent.

OVGuide free movies listing

In total, there was a point when OVGuide catalogued over 50,000 movies, free and paid, from over a dozen websites.

Like other free movie sites, the OVGuide home page featured recently added free TV shows and popular full-length movies and TV episodes. If you didn't want to browse for movies that way, you could do so by genre or the Top Box Office page.

You could browse the site by celebrity, too. This would show a short biography, recent news that covered him or her, interview videos, awards, clips from their movies, and more.

OVGuide Alternatives

OVGuide is best described as a mixture of IMDb and Yidio, both of which are working websites that you can use right now. IMDb is best for move information and movie trailers, while Yidio is awesome for finding free movies from a variety of movie sites.

You can also find movies on other free movie sites like Crackle and Popcornflix. Unlike OVGuide, lots of modern movie streaming services have free movie apps so that you can watch the videos from your phone or tablet.

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