Overview of the 4SeTV Multi-Channel Display Capable Set-top Box

4K SeTV System. Image provided by 4SeTV

One of the problems with "cutting-the-cord" with a cable or satellite provider, and getting all your programming via the internet streaming option, is that you lose access to your local independent and network affiliated TV channels. Of course, you have the option of receiving those channels and programs over-the-air via an antenna connected to your TV or, better yet, an over-the-air DVR connected to your TV.

However, although you can receive your channels and with an over-the-air DVR, such as the Channel Master DVR+, TIVO Roamio OTA, or Tablo/Tablo Metro, record one or more channels for later viewing, you still have a problem - How can you watch one or more TV channels live at the same time or watch channels on your other TVs in the house without connecting an antenna and OTA DVR to each one?

Although not offering DVR capabilities, 4SeTV (aka Four Screen Enhanced TV) is offering an interesting TV viewing solution that many cord-cutters may warm to.

Using an over-the-antenna connected to a single 4SeTV set-top box (referred as the 4SeTV companion device) and an Ethernet connection to your home internet router, not only can you receive the over-the-air TV channels you like, but you can stream them directly through your home network to one or more compatible TVs, smartphones, and tablets. Even if you don't have a TV, you can still access your channels on any compatible smartphone or tablet.

Also, as an added bonus, the folks at 4SeTV claim that you can not only stream different TV channels that you receive via antenna to multiple devices, but you can also display up to four of those live channels at once on a single display device - which comes in handy for both live sports and breaking news events. Of course, watching four channels on a small smartphone screen might be a little challenging.

The total display output capacity of 4SeTV is four channels - Each 4SeTV unit can send four channels to one display device or send out up to four different channels to four display devices. If you want the ability to display four channels on display device, plus stream an additional channel(s) to other devices at the same time, you need to purchase additional 4SeTV companion devices.

According to 4SeTV, other than purchasing the companion device, there are no additional subscription fees. The 4SeTV system is also compatible with Google Chromecast and, in addition to display compatibility on Android and iOS devices, you can control all of 4SeTV functions via the free downloadable Android or iOS app.

When displaying four channels on one device, you can toggle between the channels to hear the audio of each channel.

It is also important that even if you are using all the channel capacity of the 4SeTV on your TV, you can still use your iOS or Android device as remote control for the 4SeTV unit.

So, if you are planning to "cut-the-cord" the 4SeTV may be one choice that can add some real flexibility to your over-the-air TV watching, in conjunction with content you might stream from the internet via a Smart TV, Blu-ray disc player, ​Roku Box, or Google Chromecast. The only thing you lack with 4SeTV is DVR capability - so, if your desire is to be able to record your local OTA channels, the DVR option may be a better choice, but if you desire a lot of live TV viewing flexibility, the 4SeTV is definitely an option to check out.

The 4SeTV is priced at $99, more details on 4SeTV, including ordering information, is available on the Official 4SeTV Product Page.

Original Publish Date: 04/17/2015