How to Create Christmas Tags For Gifts

Make your gifts stand out with oversized tags no one will miss

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Every Christmas season finds most of us looking for ways to celebrate while staying within budget and minimizing stress. One fun way is to create your own large Christmas gift tags, especially to fit larger gifts but sometimes just to add a sense of fun to a small gift.

Go Big With Printable Gift Tags

Oversized tags provide a surprising contrast on tiny presents. Used on large gifts, they stand out far better than tiny tags that get overlooked. Moreover, their size gives you room to add personalized notes to make those gifts stand out. Try wrapping presents in craft or other solid-colored paper to let your tags take center stage and make your messages shine.

Where to Find Gift Tag Templates

Online sources abound. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Gather and Feast offers a beautiful set of simple but elegant black-and-white tags that are sure to be noticed.
  • World Label offers editable, chalkboard-effect tag templates that you can personalize easily before printing.
  • You'll find some beautiful Christmas gift tags in soft green, red, and black with hand-drawn style at Design Sponge.
  • At Wild Olive, you can download some gift tags in a strikingly modern, colorful design theme.
  • Want still more color? Try the tags on offer from blogger Caroline Johansson.
  • Poppies at Play brings you round tags in sophisticated designs of gray, red, and white.

How to Create Your Own Christmas Gift Tags

Most printable tags you download as templates come in the PDF format, which you can open in Acrobat Reader. (If you don't have this software already, you can download it for free.) Then:

  1. Print the tags on your home printer using the heaviest paper or cardstock you can run through it.

  2. Trim your tags to size.

  3. Use a hole puncher to punch a hole in each tag.

  4. Run a length of narrow ribbon or twine through the hole in the tag and knot it near the top of the tag.

  5. Tie a small bow and leave the ribbon or twine tails loose to attach the card to the package.

Recycle Old Cards as Tags

For a fast, inexpensive way to create very large Christmas gift tags, recycle cards you received in prior years:

  1. Save the holiday cards you receive each year.

  2. For each tag, cut the front off a card (where the design is).

  3. Punch a hole in your new tag and write a message on the flip side.

  4. Tie it to the new gift!

Recycling is a great way to prevent all those beautiful cards from going to waste.

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