Overcast Redesign Makes Podcast Management Easier

Update currently available from the Apple App Store

Podcast app Overcast is getting a major redesign to its home page, plus some new highly requested features and fixes.

Upon downloading the 2022.2 update, you'll see stronger visual indicators for playlists and recently played podcasts on the home page. The new features include a Mark as Played option for episodes and customizable color options for the app's themes.

Overcast redesign


You can customize each of the front page playlists by changing its color and icon with over 3,000 SF Symbols to choose from. These symbols meld perfectly with the San Francisco font, the standard font used on all of Apple's platforms.

The font has also been changed to a rounder variant that is said to be easier to read and to "match the personality of the app." Recently released podcasts will now be posted on the home screen, and you can pin episodes to the top for later listening.

Mark as Played allows listeners to mark an episode they've already heard, and you can create playlists for Starred, Downloaded, and In Progress podcasts. Light and dark themes have a customizable tint color from a basic red to lavender.

Overcast redesign 2


The update also fixes issues with the unreliability of background downloads, CarPlay lists, and problems with detecting episode duration.

You can download the update from the Apple App Store. There are also plans for additional changes like overhauling the now-playing and individual-podcast screens, but details on those changes are not available yet.

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