Microsoft Outlook Password Finder Review



The Bottom Line

Outlook Password recovers passwords to encrypted Outlook storage (PST) files as well as email account passwords in a straight forward manner. If Outlook Password could also export the data and include more email account details, that would be nice.

What We Like
  • Outlook Password recovers lost passwords for Outlook PST files.

  • You can retrieve forgotten email account passwords with Outlook Password, too

  • Outlook Password is a simple and no-fuss tool.

What We Don't Like
  • Outlook Password only recovers passwords from Outlook.

  • You cannot easily export the information retrieved.

  • Outlook Password does not extract full email account info from Outlook.


  • Outlook Password recovers the passwords to encrypted and protected Outlook PST store files.
  • You can also extract the passwords to email accounts using Outlook Password.
  • Essential account data (user and server names) are shown in Outlook Password as well.
  • Outlook Password works with all Outlook versions (from Outlook 97 to Outlook 2007).
  • Outlook Password supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista.


Passwords come with many problematic twists. Is it better to have hideously complex passwords to make guessing them by brute force difficult? Is it better to keep the password simple so you can remember it and don't have to write it down? Should you create a unique password for every application and site? Is a master password that provides access to all other passwords good? And, most of all, what's ​an Outlook user to do when she has both an urgent need for and lost memory of the password to her PST file? Aptly and simply named Outlook Password can help.

Hand Outlook Password a password-protected PST file (no matter which Outlook version it was created with) and it will show you the key in return. In addition to store passwords, Outlook Password can also retrieve the passwords for email accounts stored in Outlook together with essential log-in information (the server name, account type and user name).

Unfortunately, Outlook Password does not include port names, whether SSL is required and other details so you still have to look these up in Outlook when you need the data for setting up email in another program or on the road. For the latter purpose, it's also a pity that Outlook Password cannot easily export the extracted data to a text file or print it. (Yes, sometimes it makes sense to write a password down.)