Outlook Express 6 Review

What Is the Outlook Express Email Client?

Outlook Express
Microsoft, Inc.

Outlook Express used to be called Microsoft Internet Mail and News, and is a discontinued email client from Microsoft. It was bundled in some older versions of Windows and macOS but is no longer available from Microsoft.

This email program has a simple interface and is easy to use, but it's not recommended if you want an email client that will update with new features and better security. This is because Outlook Express is no longer being developed.

Follow the link below to see how and where you can download Outlook Express.

Pros and Cons

Given that it's no longer developed or even available for newer operating systems, Outlook Express doesn't have much to stand on in the face of the other modern email clients available today, such as Thunderbird and eM Client.


  • Outlook Express is easy and fun to use
  • Flexible HTML editing and creative stationery lets you add pizzazz to your messages
  • It has solid privacy and security features


  • Outlook Express does not include a useful spam filter
  • Weak filters and no messages templates make Outlook Express less suited for handling lots of mail
  • Outlook Express's plain text editing capabilities, though present, are limited
  • Outlook Express 6 was the last version of this program released by Microsoft

More Information on the Outlook Express Features

  • Outlook Express is available with Windows operating systems up through Windows XP, and Mac through Mac OS 9. It was replaced by Windows Mail in Windows Vista and Apple Mail in macOS.
  • Outlook Express manages multiple POP and IMAP email accounts
  • Lets you compose and receive rich HTML emails, and build fancy and fun emails with stationery
  • Outlook Express supports S/MIME-encrypted emails and TLS/SSL encryption for server connections
  • Configured to block remote image downloads, Outlook Express protects your privacy
  • A special mode makes Outlook Express show all mail in secure plain text only
  • Potentially dangerous attachments are blocked automatically
  • Views allow the customization of mailbox displays to ease the handling of larger amounts of mail
  • Outlook Express lets you create simple message rules for automatic incoming mail filing
  • Outlook Express is not the same program as Microsoft Outlook. The latter is still being developed and can be downloaded from Microsoft's website

My Thoughts on Outlook Express

When dealing with your email, it's important to use a program that can keep your mail private and secure. Unfortunately, it's hard to trust a program like Outlook Express given that it's no longer developed or updated.

However, you might be using a version of Windows or Mac that still supports it, in which case you can use Outlook Express as your default email client.

This program has come a long way from a security nightmare to a sane email client that protects your privacy and security. If you want to go for maximum security, you can switch to a text-only mode that disables all potentially harmful content thoroughly. Still, you can balance this security with Outlook Express' fun features.

Support for HTML email is superb (you can even edit the HTML source directly) and the ability to use stationery can certainly be a reason to use Outlook Express. If your preferred format for email replies is to quote the text using indentation and reply immediately after a referenced passage, Outlook Express is sure to make you fail, however. Fortunately, that's not the only way to compose replies.

The filtering system in Outlook Express is difficult to use but weak, and message templates are missing completely (unless you succeed at using stationery for that purpose). Outlook Express also lacks a built-in spam filter, but there are many third party tools and plug-ins that make up for that.

While the lack of advanced features makes Outlook Express less apt for heavy users of email, it is a clean, fast, and simple email client for everybody else.

We want to reiterate the importance of using an email program that can update when security vulnerabilities are found, or that can include new features based on user demands. This is simply not possible with Outlook Express. We suggest using a different program like the ones linked above.