How to Open Your Address Book ("People")

Using the People Address Book on

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Where can you find the address book feature on Your contacts are located in the People option and tile. Emails are easy to find in, and addressing a new message to a known contact is simple as well.

If you're used to looking for an address book, you may not have noticed where People is located on Here is how to find your contacts, groups, and lists and how to go about editing, adding and removing entries.You can open People using either the mouse or a keyboard shortcut.

Open Your Address Book (People)

To visit your contacts in

  • Click the icon that looks like a square composed of nine blocks on the top ribbon and select People from the list of apps.
  • Select People.

Using Search Mail and People in Outlook Mail

A quick way to find a contact you have already received mail from or have added to your People contact list is to use the Search Mail and People search box that is directly beneath Outlook Mail on the left-side menu.

Simply start typing a name and it will retrieve matches from your email and your People contacts. Select the contact and you will be able to search further by folder and date. This can help you retrieve specific emails from a contact.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Open People Address Book

You can turn on keyboard shortcuts from the Settings menu. Select OptionsGeneral, and Keyboard Shortcuts. You can choose to activate different sets of shortcuts, including, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Outlook. You can also use this menu to turn them off. To open your People contacts with keyboard shortcuts enabled, you can press gp in email. If you have Gmail shortcuts enabled, press gc. Note that the shortcuts have changed from previous versions and may again change in the future.

Viewing and Sorting Your People Address Book in

You will be able to see your contacts and sort them in various ways.

  • Choose All, People, or Lists. If you have created lists, this is an easy way to bring them to the top for use.
  • Choose the display order: You can see names by first, last or by last, first. This doesn't change where they appear on the list; that is determined by Sort Order
  • Choose the sort order:  Here is where you can sort your list by first name or last name.
  • Select More to be able to sort by company, home city, work city, or recently added.

Adding and Managing Contacts

  • Add a contact by selecting New in the top menu.
  • The Manage menu allows you to restore deleted contacts, import and export contacts, connect to social networks, and clean up contacts.
  • You can quickly add a contact to Favorites or a List with those menu choices when you are viewing a contact.

Using People to Reach Your Contacts

When you select a contact, you have quick options for scheduling a meeting with Outlook or sending them an email.