Does Microsoft Still Support MS Outlook 2007?

Are updates still available?

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Like all products and companies, Microsoft ends support for some of its software at a certain point in time after its initial release. Outlook 2007 is one example where Microsoft did not extend support indefinitely.

End of support for Outlook 2007 doesn't mean that the program stops working or that it's illegal to continue using it, but it does mean that patchesservice packs, and other updates are no longer released.

Another result of Microsoft ending support for Outlook 2007 is that their support team does not respond to queries regarding Office 2007 programs like Outlook, most online help from Microsoft's website is removed, and you cannot purchase Outlook 2007 directly from Microsoft.

  • Extended support for Outlook 2007 ended on October 10, 2017.
  • General support for Outlook 2007 ended on October 9, 2012.

Security updates were available free of charge via Windows Update for MS Outlook up through April 11, 2017. Other new updates such as service packs and hotfixes, could be downloaded until October 9, 2012.

How to Get Microsoft Outlook Updates

If your copy of Outlook 2007 is outdated, you can still find updates elsewhere, but since they're no longer available through Windows Updates, you have to download them manually.

The latest Microsoft Office service pack for Office 2007 is SP3. Follow that link to see how you can download the latest service pack for Microsoft Office 2007. That service pack includes the last updates Microsoft released for all of the MS Office 2007 programs, including Outlook.

What to Do Now

With Microsoft no longer supporting Outlook 2007, you might wonder how you're supposed to fix problems you have with the program and what you should do about the outdated software you now have on your computer.

For starters, you can purchase the latest office software from Microsoft via their Microsoft Office page. That software will be supported for years to come, so if you're ready for the newest version of Outlook, consider going that route.

Another option is to stick with free stuff. Microsoft provides an online version of Outlook called Outlook Mail where you can access your email for free from anywhere. It's not exactly the same as the desktop version of Outlook but one advantage is that you don't have to worry about updating it as you did with Outlook 2007.

One common question people have regarding Outlook 2007 is how to find the product key associated with the program. Since it's installed as part of the Office 2007 suite, you can search for the Office 2007 product key if you need to reinstall the program on a different computer.

Since Microsoft doesn't provide a way to purchase Outlook 2007 from their own website, you can try looking elsewhere for a copy, like on Amazon or eBay.