Oura Smart Ring Can Now Tell if You Are a Night Owl or Morning Person

A system update features chronotypes and much more

The Oura Ring has long prioritized sleep tracking, and now it has added chronotypes, or sleep patterns, to help users understand their unique circadian rhythms. 

A new system update brings chronotype selection to the Oura smart ring and, with repeated use, will tell you your body’s preferred sleep schedule. In other words, this chronotype will tell you if you are a night owl or a morning person, allowing you to adjust accordingly. 

Oura Ring


Studies suggest that our chronotypes are hard-wired into our genetic code, and it takes a lot of data to suss out this information. With that in mind, you must consistently wear your Oura Ring for 90 days to receive a suggested chronotype. The company says it analyzes sleep, activity, and body temperature data to arrive at a selection. 

Once analyzed, the app tells you whether you prefer mornings or evenings and how strong that desire is. There is some nuance here, with plenty of options for people who fall in the middle of the spectrum, such as those who prefer late mornings. 

Oura Ring Chronotypes


This is a large system update that extends beyond chronotypes. A new body clock feature leverages the chronotype information to cross-reference with your sleep schedule. Also, some new tracking algorithms exist for those with irregular sleeping schedules. 

Finally, a new Sleep Regularity tab shows users how consistently they have slept over two weeks. Most of these features are exclusive to Gen 3 smart rings and require an active subscription. The update is available now. 

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