OtterBox Will Now Charge Your Devices in Addition to Keeping Them Safe

The company just launched a slew of chargers and cables

OtterBox is primarily known for heavy-duty phone cases, but the company has just launched a whole bunch of charging accessories for phones and other gadgets. 

The company’s new Premium Pro Power line of wall and car chargers ship in three sizes: 72 watts, 60 watts, and 30 watts. The two larger options are powerful enough to charge a standard laptop, while the 30-watt models are designed for Apple phones and tablets, as they ship with a quick-charging USB-C cable that gets an iPhone to over 50 percent in a half hour.

OtterBox Premium Pro


One of the primary selling points of these chargers is they only take up one outlet, allowing people to stack two on a single outlet or arrange multiple units on a power strip. They also feature gallium nitride (GaN) technology, which is known to outperform silicon-based devices when it comes to thermal stability, charging efficiency, and general durability. 

For your 3-in-1 needs, OtterBox has prepped a new MagSafe charging stand, too, complete with an integrated fast-charge Apple Watch dock, a Qi wireless charger for AirPods, and a 15-watt charge pad for iPhones. 

Finally, the company has debuted a spate of high-grade cables for charging and connecting. These OtterBox Premium Pro Cables have been flex-tested 30,000 times, according to the company, and have been designed to resist fraying at weak points. They're also braided for a neat look and include magnetic snaps for easy cable management. Yay, cable management!

These charging devices and cables are available now at prices ranging from $20 to $80, depending on configurations.

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