Other Apps Like Instagram That Are Just As Fun to Use

Instagram Alternatives You'll Be Sure to Love

Tired of Instagram yet? Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit that this little app has really blown up to become one of the most influential social networks of our time.

 Other apps like Instagram can offer a refreshing change. These are apps that have rolled some of Instagram's best features into their own, but have a totally unique feel to them.

If you’re just looking for something new to try out, have a look through the following list of apps that are just as visually appealing and intuitive as Instagram.

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Vine Camera
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Even though Vine has been discontinued (undoubtedly thanks to being beat by Instagram's popularity), the app lives on as Vine Camera. It's an app that allows you to film any combination of up to six-second intervals of video.

The result is a short, automatic looping video that can be shared with your Twitter followers or saved to your camera roll. It's no longer a social network the way it used to be when it was just Vine, but Vine Camera at least offers a unique way to make quick, looping videos for fun. More »

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Path is a social networking app designed only for mobile devices and only for connecting to the closets people in your life. It’s not an open social network where you can connect with strangers, but it's meant to be much more intimate than Facebook.

In addition to being a great place to share visual content like photos and videos similar to Instagram, you can share other updates (like movies, books, your sleep time and more) while enjoying a beautifully simple layout that's free of much of the clutter you find on Facebook. More »

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Pinterest isn’t just a place for women to plan their weddings and collect recipes or craft ideas, and if you love the visual appeal of Instagram, Pinterest is worth a try. It’s quickly grown into one of the most popular image sharing platforms on the web, and you can find or share all sorts of great stuff there.

Pinterest’s unique design is what draws so many users in, and with the Pinterest mobile apps, you can pretty much get the same great feel of Pinterest’s UI via the web. Easy and fun to use, you ca pin anything you want to any of your boards through the app. More »

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Tumblr is much more than a blogging platform. It’s largely driven by image and GIF sharing, and with Tumblr’s native apps, sharing and interacting has never been more awesome.

Tumblr is comparable to Instagram, except you can post videos, GIFs, text posts, audio files, chats, quotes and links in addition to regular photos. Tumblr now even allows users to make their own GIFs out of videos on their devices. More »

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Do people still use Flickr? Of course they do! In fact, the Flickr mobile apps have seen quite a few pretty sweet overhauls in recent times, complete with photo filters—making it eerily similar to Instagram.

Soon after Instagram had a big privacy policy kerfuffle, a lot of people switched to using Flickr and never went back. If taking photos with your phone are your thing, Flickr’s mobile apps could be worth checking out. More »

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Imgur is practically the most popular free image hosting platform on the web, used by millions of people every day. You can use it to find funny photos, animated GIFs and videos that users have submitted and interacted with a lot to be pushed up in popularity.

The mobile app is beautifully designed to show you the best content, somewhat similar to Instagram. You can also submit your own content and build your profile, similarly to any other social network. More »

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Musical.ly is sort of like Instagram for people who love music and aren't afraid to get creative with their lip syncing or dancing skills. Users can post a 15-second music video clip (either filmed through the app or uploaded) while using the app's built-in library of music to pick a song for lip syncing.

Post your own mini music videos, follow other users who you want to see in your feed and try creating a duet for a collaborative post that merges two users' clips with the same song. More »

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We Heart It
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We Heart It is another popular image sharing platform similar to Imgur, but its content is very feminine, primarily made of of inspirational photos and quotes that appeal to young women. Instagrammers who love inspirational content might really love this app.

The layout is similar to Pinterest and you can use it to browse for photos to add to your collection. Create your "Canvas" (which is your profile) by uploading your own photos and tap the heart button on any photos you come across that you like to add them to your "Hearts" section. More »

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Are you a fan of animated GIFs and super short, looping videos? PHHHOTO is a really cool app that allows its users to shoot their own imagery and turn them into moving pictures to share with the rest of the community. It's comparable to one of Instagram's other standalone apps, called Boomerang.

Edit your moving picture by changing the speed or applying a few effects and create your profile to showcase your best stuff. Follow others who post content that you love and see the best of what gets posted on the app by browsing through handpicked featured posts. More »

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Snapchat comes pretty close to Instagram in terms of popularity. Although Snapchat started off as a messaging app, its Stories feature makes it serious contender against Instagram.

Just snap a photo or film a short video to share as a story with your friends on Snapchat, and it will automatically be deleted within 24 hours. This is such a popular feature that Instagram went ahead and added its own version of the Snapchat stories feature to its own app. More »