Learn a Simple Way to Forward Multiple Emails From a Mac

Send multiple emails from your Mac in one single message

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It's easy to forward a message with the Mac Mail software, but did you know that you can forward multiple messages at once and make them all appear as one single email?

You might wonder why you'd ever be forwarding multiple emails at once when you can simply send each message individually like you already know how to do. The biggest problem with sending many emails the normal way is that if all the messages are related in some way, it gets confusing for the recipient to keep track of them.

One reason you might want to forward multiple emails as one single message is if you're giving someone three or more related messages. Maybe they cover an upcoming event or are receipts for purchases, or maybe they're all related to the same topic but were sent days apart in different threads.

Instructions for macOS Mail

  1. Highlight every message that you want to forward.

  2. Navigate to the Message > Forward menu.

    • Or, to forward the entire message including all the header lines, go to Message > Forward as Attachment.
  3. That's it!

Instructions for macOS Mail 1 or 2

  1. Highlight the emails you want to forward in the message.

    You can select more than one email by holding down the Command key while you click or drag the mouse pointer to highlight the other ones.

  2. Create a new message like normal.

  3. Select Edit > Append Selected Messages from the menu.

    • If you're using Mail 1.x, go to Message > Append Selected Messages instead.
  4. You're done!

Mac's Mail program has a keyboard shortcut for this action, too: Command+Shift+I.