How to Print Message Summaries in Mac OS X Mail

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Scott Hoffman / CC BY-SA 2.0

In Mac OS X Mail 1 (but notably not in later versions) you can print a list of select messages.

Take an Overview of the Inbox With You on Paper

Though this habit might be an undesirable one, we do sometimes use our Mac OS X Mail In folder as a to-do list. We cannot take Mac OS X Mail everywhere, though (to tick off done items by deleting them).

Fortunately, Mac OS X Mail lets us print a summary of select messages in any folder — just the date, the sender, and the subject — that we can take anywhere on paper.

Print Message Summaries in Mac OS X Mail 1

To print summaries of emails in Mac OS X Mail 1:

  1. Highlight the messages you want to be included in the printout in a Mac OS X Mail folder.
  2. Select File > Print... from the menu.
  3. Click on the Copies & Pages drop-down menu.
  4. Select Mail.
  5. Make sure Print Selected Summaries is selected.
  6. Make any further adjustments and print the message summaries.

Print Message Summaries in Later Versions of OS X Mail

In later versions of OS X Mail, you can always take a screenshot of your inbox — press Command+Shift+4 followed by Space, then click on the inbox, maybe with the reading pane hidden, of course, and print that; the screenshot will be saved to the Desktop by default.