How to Make Attachments Appear at the End of Messages in Mail for macOS

Make attachments appear at the end of a message rather than inline

By default, Mail for Mac OS X and macOS places attachments where you insert them in your email message (that is, inline). Often, especially with images, this behavior is visually pleasing and useful, but what if you want to insert the attachment at the end of the message? In Mail for macOS, it's easy. We show you how to insert an attachment at the end of a single email message or make this the default behavior for all messages in Mail.

Instructions in this article apply to macOS Catalina (10.15). They will work on all versions of macOS or OS X that include the Mail app, although dialog box, menu, and command names may differ.

How to Insert an Attachment at the Bottom of an Email

To attach a file or image at the bottom of an email rather than inline, complete the following steps:

  1. In Mail, on the Mail toolbar, select New Message.

    The New Message button in Apple Mail
  2. Select Edit > Attachments > Insert Attachments at End.

    The "Insert Attachments at End" command in Apple Mail
  3. In the email body, select Attach.

    The Attach Files button in Mail
  4. Browse to the file you want to attach, select it, and then select Choose File.

    The Choose File button
  5. Your attachment will appear at the end of your email message.

How to Change the Default Position of Attachments in Mail

To attach files elsewhere in your message, return to Attachments under the Edit menu and select Insert Attachments at End again to uncheck it. With this option off, you can add images and files anywhere in the body of an email.

Keep the option checked to always put attachments at the end.

The "Insert Attachments at End" command in Apple Mail
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