How to Make OS X and macOS Mail Send Conventional Attachments

Make attachments appear at the end of an email

By default, OS X and macOS Mail apps both place attachments where you insert them into your email. Often, especially with images, this behavior is visually pleasing and useful; however, you're also free to insert the image at the end of the message. Configure attachment-placement behavior using a specific setting for the Mail app in OS X. The Mail app in macOS doesn't include this option — instead, it offers an even easier fix.

Position an Attachment at the End of the Email in Mac OS X

To set Mac OS X Mail to attach all files for a message at the end instead of inline with the message's body content:

  1. Open a new email screen in OS X Mail.

  2. Click Edit on the menu bar and select Attachments.

  3. Make sure Insert Attachments at End is checked in the menu before you add any attachments. If it isn't checked, select it.

    Mail in macOS setting the attachments option.
  4. Select Format > Make Plain Text.

  5. Write the email with attachments.

This procedure sometimes doesn't work, for reasons related to how the Mail app composes messages under-the-hood. If it doesn't work for you, or you don't want to send email in plain text, try clicking and dragging the attachment to the bottom of the email, or manually place all the attachments at the bottom after the text is written.

Attach a File at the End of a macOS Email

The Mail application in macOS always places images inline where you insert them. Click the file and drag it to the bottom of the message. You also can rearrange the order of the attachments by clicking and dragging.