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Play the Original Doom and Doom 95 - Download Free PC Game

The source code for the original Doom and Doom 95 first-person shooter video game was released into the public domain in 1997. Since this release, there have been dozens of Doom source ports and clones. This includes clones of the original Windows version of the game Doom 95 and the MS-DOS versions as well. 

Many of these clones have come and gone but a few survive and are still updated to this day. In fact, one of the Doom source ports called PrBoom was used as a template by id Software in the development of the mobile iOS version of Doom that was released. These clones and ports have also fixed bugs and enhanced certain gameplay aspects and graphics along the way.

Doom has also been ported to at least 20 different video game platforms and computer operating systems. One of the latest ports includes the 2013 release of Doom for the retro Commodore VIC-20 home computer system.

One thing that has remained constant through all of these Doom and Doom 95 source ports is the groundbreaking gameplay that Doom introduced and what has made it one of the most influential and classic  PC games of all time. The vast majority of the source ports and clones also stay true to the original by recreating the same the nostalgic early 1990s  VGA computer graphics.

In addition to PrBoom other Doom source, ports include GZDoom, ZDoom, and Zdaemon. Zdaemon is unique as it brings a multiplayer component to Doom. It allows players to connect to multiplayer servers and play against online opponents in various game modes.It faithfully recreates all aspects of the original Doom but brings it into the world of Multiplayer shooters.

AllGamesAtoZ which hosts some of the download files also contains additional information on some of the more popular Doom Source Ports.

Depending on which version is downloaded, DOSBOX may be required to run old DOS games on a PC running a current version of the Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating systems.

About Doom Series

The original Doom was released in 1993 by id Software and it was the first game in the Doom series that's seen a total of just five releases its 23-year history. In addition to Doom there is Doom II, Final Doom released in 1994 and 1996 respectively. 

Following the release of Doom II, there was an eight-year hiatus in the series that ended with the release of Doom 3 in 2004. Doom 3 is considered a reboot of the series as it is a re-telling of the same basic story laid out in the original classic Doom. There was one expansion pack released for Doom 3 titled Resurrection of Evil. In 2013 Doom 3 was re-released as an enhanced edition known as Doom 3 BFG edition. This BFG edition includes the Resurrection of Evil expansion as well as a new single-player campaign titled The Lost Mission. The original Doom (Ultimate Edition) and Doom II plus expansions are also included in this release.

The Doom series received another reboot in 2016 with a new game simply title Doom. This version has been very well received by fans and critics alike. Doom (2016) like Doom 3 includes both a single player campaign mode and a competitive multiplayer mode with six multiplayer game modes and nine multiplayer maps upon release.