Origin Wants to Get You Into Virtual Real Estate

But why, tho?

Buying a home in the real world has gotten increasingly difficult in recent years, so why not go virtual? 

That’s just what virtual real estate marketplace Origin lets you do. The newly-announced service will provide a place for users to buy, sell, and trade land in the metaverse, sold as NFTs, as announced via an official press release.

Origin Metaverse


Origin offers multichain functionality, meaning it allows for land trading across multiple blockchains and metaverse worlds, all from a single hub. Believe it or not, this is something that has not existed until now, with users forced to circumvent various metaverse platforms to purchase virtual real estate.

The service works similarly to real estate speculation platforms, acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. The end goal is to bring together the many disparate metaverse real estate vendors under one roof. 

“The demand for metaverse land is continually growing,” Origin founder Fred Greene said in the press release. “What the market needs is a single source of data. A reliable platform that simplifies the purchasing of land while providing buyers and sellers with all the information they need to navigate the process.”  

The technology is still patent-pending and has yet to officially launch, but Origin plans on branching out into real-world land trading at some point, with sales conducted as NFTs through a licensed brokerage. 

The company is also building its own metaverse destination. Users looking to get in on the ground floor of this venture can purchase ORIGINMV tokens via this official link.

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