How to Organize Your Nintendo Switch Games Into Groups

Nintendo Switch Groups work similarly to folders

What to Know

  • Open All Software from the Home menu and press L.
  • Choose Create Group, select titles, and enter a name for the group. Pick OK to save.

This article shows you how to access Groups, as well as how to use it to create folders for your games on a Nintendo Switch.

In order to access groups, make sure your Nintendo Switch console has been updated to version 14.0.0 or later. 

Can You Create Folders on Switch?

Yes, although on the Nintendo Switch they're called Groups. The Switch lets you organize your games library into groups, so you can sort titles by genre, release year, or any criteria you like. That said, it’s easy to miss the Groups functionality since it’s a bit buried in the Switch’s Home menu.

If you have 12 or more software titles saved on your Nintendo Switch, you can access the All Software menu to create folders (Groups). 

You can create up to 100 groups, with a maximum of 200 titles per group (you can add the same game to multiple groups).

If you have less than 12 software titles but still want to create groups, you can download free software such as demos and apps from the Nintendo eShop to expand your library. Demos and apps can also be added to groups. 

Follow the steps below to access the Groups feature:

  1. Open the Home menu, then scroll all the way to the right and select All Software

    Nintendo Switch Home menu showing the All Software tab.
  2. Press the L button on your controller to access Groups.

    All Software menu on Nintendo Switch with L Groups highlighted
  3. Click Create New Group.

    Create a new Group on Nintendo Switch
  4. Select the software you’d like to add to the group (a blue checkmark will appear next to highlighted titles) and hit Next or the + button to continue.

    Selecting Nintendo Switch software to add to Group
  5. Arrange the order of games in your group by selecting a title with the A button and moving it to a desired arrangement with the control stick. Click Next when finished. 

    Arranging titles in Nintendo Switch Groups
  6. Enter a name for the group and click OK.

    Entering a name for Nintendo Switch Group and OK button
  7. To access your group at any time, navigate to All Software and click the L button to open Groups. Click Create New Group in the top-right corner to start assembling a new folder.

    Selecting Create New Group from Nintendo Switch Group menu

How Do I Organize My Nintendo Switch Games?

Your Nintendo Switch displays the 12 most recent titles you’ve played on the Home menu, with the rest of your games stored under the All Software tab. 

From the All Software menu, you can sort your games into groups or apply filters to change how titles are arranged. 

Here’s how to apply filters to the All Software page:

  1. Open All Software and press the R button to access the Sort/Filter menu.

    All Software menu on Nintendo Switch
  2. Select a sort and/or filter option by pressing the A button to check it off.

    Selecting sort/filter options for Nintendo Switch software.
  3. Your software should now be displayed under the new parameters.

    Nintendo Switch software titles arranged by longest time played.

Where Are Game Files Stored on Switch?

Game files are stored on your Nintendo Switch’s internal memory by default. The standard and Lite models have 32GB of internal storage, while the Switch OLED has 64GB. All Switch support expanded storage of up to 2TB through microSDHC or microSDXC cards. 

The Groups feature will display all software files currently stored on both your Switch’s internal storage and memory card, as well as titles you may have deleted to free up space.

However, it’s possible not all titles you have purchased will be displayed in your library, which means you won’t be able to add them to a Group unless you download them again.

Add Deleted Games to Groups on a Nintendo Switch

Here's how to add games to groups if you had deleted the games previously.

  1. Navigate to All Software from the Home menu.

    Nintendo Switch Home menu showing the All Software tab.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Redownload Software.

    Selecting Redownload Software from the Nintendo Switch All Software menu
  3. Sign into your Nintendo eShop account.

  4. Select the title you’d like to redownload by clicking the orange Download icon.

  5. Once your download is complete, the game should now be available under the Groups tab.

    Adding Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Demo to Nintendo Switch Group.
  • Which games can you play on Nintendo Switch Lite?

    You can play any Nintendo Switch game on either version of the hardware. You won't have every control option on the Lite, since its controllers are part of the unit and don't detach like the Joy-Cons on the standard Switch, but it will run every game.

  • How do you delete games on the Nintendo Switch?

    To free up space on your Switch's memory card, you can delete games you've downloaded and are done playing. To do so, highlight the item on the home screen, and then press the + (plus) button on the right Joy-Con and go to Manage Software > Delete Software.

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