How to Make a Conference Call With Skype

Set up a Skype group call

Skype is a good tool for organizing conference calls. Since it's a popular service, you're likely to find people you want to add to your group call using the app. It's also available on multiple platforms, and calling other Skype users is completely free. This holds true for individuals and businesses alike. In this guide, we'll show you how to set up a group call using Skype, whether you're on a desktop or mobile.

The information in this guide applies to all versions of Skype.

Participating in a Conference Call

You can have up to 50 participants on an audio conference call, including yourself. The maximum number of video streams you can have on a call varies depending on the platform and device you're using. The other participants need to be on your contacts list, so make sure you add them before you initiate the call. People who don't have Skype can also join the group call using the app's web client. In this case, they join as a visitor and no login is needed.

Group calls with more than 25 participants are ringless. Instead, people receive a notification that the call has started and can select the Join Call button when ready. If you're starting a video call with less than 25 participants, you can choose whether or not to go ringless.

Before starting any conference call, make sure you have a stable internet connection, the latest version of Skype, and a working microphone.

How to Start a Group Call on Skype

Here's how to start a new group call on Skype for both desktop and mobile platforms:

  1. From the Calls tab, select the New Call icon.

  2. Search for and select the participants you wish to call.

    You can choose up to 50 people for a Skype audio call
  3. Press the Call button on the top right of the screen to initiate the call.

  4. Alternatively, you can start a group call via a free link provided by Skype. You can share it via Gmail or Outlook, or you can copy it to your clipboard.

    You can generate a free link for your Skype conference calls

As contacts accept your call and join the conference, the color of their icons changes to bright green, as is always the case during calls. You can tell who's talking during the call by the light halo that appears around their name and icon.

The group call is initially untitled. You can rename it by selecting the name and typing a new one.

You can add more people to your group call once it's started. Just select the Add button. You can also reconnect someone who was accidentally dropped during the call.

Other Things You Can Do in a Skype Group Call

Skype has a few other perks for people using its group call feature, including:

  • Call recording: You can save your group calls for later reviews and note-taking. Skype stores them for up to 30 days.
  • Blurred backgrounds: Skype lets you turn on background blurring, for those days when your office or home is a mess and you don't want the co-workers to see.
  • Screen sharing: You can easily share presentations, work materials, and more during group calls.