Order Pizza With Your Mind Using Domino's New AR App

Available for Android and iOS

Domino's has launched a new ordering app with a unique AR experience made in conjunction with the Netflix series Stranger Things

It's called the Domino's Mind Ordering app, and it puts you in Eleven's shoes, a character with mind control powers in a derelict laboratory set in the Stranger Things world. The app is an AR game where you order a pizza by lifting a pizza box with your mind.

Dominos Mind Ordering app


The way it works is the app is connected to your Domino's account. On Domino's website, you can set a pizza as an Easy Order for quick checkouts, and this is what you order via the AR app.

Domino's Mind Ordering has facial recognition and eye-tracking features which allow you to 'use' telekinesis via facial expressions and head movements. Also on the app are various Easter Eggs pertaining to Stranger Things, such as the 20-sided die used by characters in the show. You'll also be able to explore the lab your character is in as part of the experience.

Mind Ordering app


As you may have guessed, the app serves as a marketing vehicle for the Stranger Things season four debut on May 27.

Domino's Mind Ordering app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store with small restrictions. Mind Ordering requires Android 9 or higher to work on Android phones, and for Apple devices, iOS 11 or later is needed.

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