How to Order Food on Facebook

Get your Pad Thai fix without leaving the social network

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To order food on Facebook, you need to go to the Explore menu, look for the hamburger icon and click on “Order Food.” This feature is available from your phone or desktop computer. Finally, you can lock down your stay-at-home dinner plans without leaving Facebook. Heck, it’s as easy as ​​ordering an Uber from the Google Maps app. or through GrubHub.

How Ordering Food on Facebook Works

You might not spot the option to order food on Facebook right away; on both platforms, it's pretty far down the Explore menu. Look for the icon of a hamburger and "Order Food" to check it out.

As for which restaurants you'll be able to order food from, you'll be limited to local businesses' Facebook pages that use or Slice. Once you click on "Order Food," you'll be able to browse options, and clicking on an individual restaurant will take you directly to its Facebook page. From there, you can view the menu and add items to your cart. Naturally, you'll need to provide payment information as a step in the process to be able to complete an order.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Here's a breakdown of the exact process for ordering from a restaurant on Facebook:

  1. Navigate to the Order Food section on either the desktop site or the Facebook mobile app. Or, alternatively, if you're already on a restaurant's Facebook page and see that it offers​ the ability to order, click "See Menu."
  2. Once you've pulled up the menu, select the items you want and add them to your cart.
  3. Enter your address to confirm that the restaurant delivers to you. If it doesn't or if you prefer, you can opt to pick up your order instead.
  4. You'll then be prompted to select your tip amount (either on your card or to be paid in cash) and enter your payment information.

Overall, it's a pretty self-explanatory, intuitive process.

Why Ordering on Facebook Matters

So, with the how-to out of the way, why would you want to order food in Facebook in the first place? After all, how often do you head to a social media network when you're craving a bite to eat but don't feel like getting up off the couch?

Well, admittedly it does seem like the use case here is pretty narrow. If you were interested in a particular restaurant and searched for its page on Facebook, for instance, you might happen upon the fact that it offers delivery through the social media site, consider whether you want to order in or go out, and move forward with an order on Facebook since you're already on the site.

That said, given the popularity of platforms like (which is one of Facebook's partners with this feature), GrubHub and Seamless among other food on-demand services, it's unlikely that people will head to Facebook before these other sites when hunger starts to kick in.

At least until Facebook is able to somehow beat these other services at what they do best, which includes offering a large selection of restaurants and features aimed at streamlining the ordering experience, such as saved previous orders, preset addresses and the ability to reorder a previously ordered meal.