Review: Order & Chaos Online

Like World of Warcraft for your iPad

It's easy to call Order and Chaos Online a World of Warcraft Clone. After all, it has the same cartoon graphical style, the races include orcs and undead and the class system has multiple paths that can drastically change how your character interacts with the world. Gameloft certainly had their eyes on the world's most popular MMORPG when they created Order and Chaos Online.

The real question is whether or not it is the best World of Warcraft clone on the iPad. After all, it does face some stiff competition from Pocket Legends, which beat it to the punch. But while Pocket Legends is easily one of the best RPGs on the iPad, it is more of an Action RPG in an MMO setting, while Order and Chaos does a better job of nailing the classic MMORPG template.

Order & Chaos Online game.

The first step in beginning your Order and Chaos adventure is to choose a race, although this choice is mainly cosmetic. The races do not enjoy bonuses as they do in most MMORPGs, though it will determine where you start the game, with Orcs and Undead starting in the Tanned Land and Elves and Humans beginning their adventures in Arcadian Forest.

Next up, you'll choose your class. Order and Chaos follows the traditional Tank-DPS-Healer system, with both Mages and Rangers filling the damage role. Warriors are the tank class, and Monks fill the healing role, but with the ability to specialize as a Military Monk, they don't have to shy away from combat.

World of Warcraft on Your iPad

Order and Chaos has a nice tutorial to get your started, though anyone familiar with modern MMORPGs will have no trouble picking the game up. The game is very solid in its mechanics, and all of the fundamental aspects you might expect from an MMO have been implemented, from questing to crafting to gathering supplies. If you are looking for that World of Warcraft experience on your iPad, you need look no further. Order and Chaos will give it to you.

Of course, that's not always a good thing. If you are looking for something a little new in the MMO world, you won't find it here. There's no attempt to so much as add new wrinkles to the game play, much less redefine the genre. The game relies heavily on quests, which leads to a very linear style of play. Though there is some replayability in choosing a race with a new starting area, and playing the different classes will give you a new type of experience.

But I won't count that against Order and Chaos. After all, it does exactly what it set out to do: provide an alternative for those seeking to leave Azeroth. And it does that job very good.

Order and Chaos Online Suffers From New MMO Syndrome

MMO veterans won't be surprised to hear that Order and Chaos suffers from a lack of content in certain areas, especially with end game content. This is the same failing that very MMORPG goes through when it is initially released, and it often takes a year or more to really solve this problem.

The game also has its fair share of bugs. A few annoying issues include the inability to loot monsters if they are on the left side of the screen too close to your movement controls, the lack of physics which allows archers to shoot through walls to hit you, and a click-to-move scheme that can sometimes have you running towards a monster when you really wanted to be shooting at it from far away if you were unlucky enough to touch the harvestable pile of rocks right beside the evil goblin.

Luckily, these bugs really don't impact the fun of the game. At most, they can be "mildly annoying". And other than a lack of content in some areas, the only real gripe many people have with the game is the out-of-whack prices in the store. (For example, it will cost you 10 runes to buy an extra character slot). But on the plus side, the requests for more of your cash are a lot less annoying than those found in some games, and you can have quite a bit of fun without buying the extras from the store.

For those looking to cut the expense of a $14.99 a month MMO on their PC down to $.99 a month on the iPad, Order and Chaos could be a real winner. Download Order and Chaos from the App Store.