Orb Audio Mod1X Home Theater Speaker System - Review

Orb Audio Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With A Great Little Speaker System

Orb Audio Mod1X
Orb Audio Mod1X. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Orb Audio is one of a small number loudspeaker companies that depart from traditional "box-style" loudspeaker design by placing their speakers inside spherical enclosures that provide a compact, stylish appearance, and deliver surprisingly good sound. The Orb Audio Mod1X system, released as part of their 10th Anniversary product line, consists of five compact spherically designed speakers for the center, left, right front, and surround channel, complemented by a 200 watt 8-inch powered subwoofer.

Orb Audio Mod1X Product Overview - Center and Satellite Speakers

The heart of the Orb Mod1X home theater speaker system is its Mod1X center and satellite speakers. Here are some of the features and specifications for the Mod1X speaker:

Orb Audio Mod1X Product Overview - SubONE Powered Subwoofer

Here are some of the specifications for the SubONE subwoofer supplied with the Orb Audio Mod1X review system:

  • Driver: 8-inch driver with 30 oz. ferrite magnet, complemented by down-firing port, bass reflex design.
  • Frequency Response: 28 to 180 Hz
  • Amplifier Type: Digital Hybrid amplifier with a Digital Switching Power Supply.
  • Amplifier Power Output: 200 watts (RMS), 450 Watts (Peak).
  • Phase: Continuously adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees.
  • Crossover Frequency: Continuously adjustable from 40 to 160 Hz

Audio Performance - Mod1X Satellites

The Mod1X satellite speakers assigned to the center, main, and surround channels projected clean, undistorted, and well-dispersed sound into the room, creating an immersive surround field for movies, and an inclusive sound field for music.

Center channel dialog and vocals were clear and distinct, and both directional and immersive sound effects were reproduced faithfully.

However, although the Mod1X speakers produced a very good, fuller-bodied midrange than their small size would indicate, the fact that there are no tweeters resulted in some special effects transient sounds, and presence information in vocals and musical instruments being little more subdued at times, relative to the performance of the speakers in the comparison systems used in conjunction with this review.

Using the audio tones provided on the Digital Video Essentials test disc, I determined that the Mod1X speaker modules produced, on the lower end, an audible tone starting between 70-75Hz with strong output between 110-120Hz. This provided a good match for the companion SubONE for continuing into the lower frequency range.

In terms of real-world surround performance, the Mod1X system did very well on scenes that I commonly use for testing, such as the first battle scene in Master and Commander, the library scene in Hero, the echo game scene from House of the Flying Daggers, the train wreck scene in Super 8, and intense Robot vs Monster battle scenes in Pacific Rim (definitely a good test disc), as well as the surround content from music sources, such as Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (SACD version), and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (DVD-Audio version).

Audio Performance - SubONE

Using the subwoofer crossover test provided on the THX Calibration Disc and a 120Hz crossover point, the transition between the subwoofer and Mod1X speakers was seamless. with no observable volume dip between sub and speakers. In real-world listening, the SubONE provided very good, fairly tight, bass response that complemented both music and movies, without distracting boominess.

Once again, using the Digital Video Essentials Test Disc, I observed that, on the low end, the SubONE produced an audible tone starting at between 30-35Hz, which an effective output beginning at 40Hz.

In real-world performance, the SubONE came up a little soft on the bass slide Heart's Magic Man and lacked the punch on Sade's bass-heavy Soldier of Love. However, the bass frequencies on both of those tracks are challenging for most subwoofers, and although the SubONE didn't reach far down enough with that extra punch, it delivered good bass presence without overemphasis, or boominess, in the mid-bass range, which is sometimes problematic even on some larger and more expensive subwoofers.


There was a lot to like about the Orb Audio Mod1X Home Theater Speaker Package, including:

  • Great sound for both movie and music content.
  • Good center channel depth, despite small speaker.
  • The Mod1X speakers project a much fuller and broader sound image than you would think, given their smaller size.
  • The SubONE Subwoofer provides good, relatively tight, bass response especially considering its size.
  • The subwoofer to satellite speaker transition is very smooth - no observable dip in volume when approaching crossover point.
  • The Mod1X satellites can be either mounted on the provided table stands or wall-mounted (mounting hardware optional).
  • The Speakers are available in a variety of optional colors to match various decors.


  • No tweeters - This results in some subtlety on extremely high frequencies.
  • The SubONE rolls off slightly at the lowest frequencies but is deep and tight enough for its size.
  • The Mod1X satellites are equipped with small push-in connection terminals don't accommodate larger 16 and 14 gauge speaker wire very easily (although Orb states that you can use up to 14 gauge wire).

The Bottom Line

The Orb Audio Mod1X with SubONE system is a great sounding compact speaker system for both movie and music. If you are shopping for a speaker system for a modestly powered setup in a small or medium-size room, you definitely have to give the Mod1X a listen.

Also, before I conclude this review, I also want to make a special note about the SubONE. For added installation convenience, the SubONE can also be made wireless with the purchase of an optional wireless kit that comes with a receiver that can plug into a special port on the back of subwoofer and a transmitter that plugs into the subwoofer output on a home theater receiver.

Taking everything into consideration, Orb Audio Mod1X Home Theater Speaker System is definitely worth considering.

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