The Optoma HD25-LV-WHD Projector/Wireless Connection

Optoma HD25-LV-WHD Video Projector/Wireless Connection Bundle
Optoma HD25-LV-WHD Video Projector/Wireless Connection Bundle. Image courtesy of

Looking for a video projector that doesn't break the bank but offers convenient connectivity and good performance? If so, then consider the Optoma HD25-LV-WHD DLP Video Projector with wireless connectivity.

The Projector - Video

First up, the projector (HD25-LV) utilizes a Texas Instruments DLP chip in combination with a color wheel for producing images, providing full 1920x1080 (1080p) native pixel resolution while delivering an impressive 3,200 lumens of white light output (Color light output will be lower), 20,000:1 contrast ratio (Full on/Full off), has a maximum 6,000 hour lamp life in ECO mode (3,500 in normal mode), supported by a 240 watt lamp, and fan noise level of 26db (in ECO mode).

The HD25-LV also features full 3D compatibility (active shutter - glasses require separate purchase). It is also important to note is that there are little or no crosstalk issues when viewing 3D using a DLP projector, and the enhanced light output of the HD25-LV compensates for brightness loss when viewing through active shutter 3D glasses.

In addition to 3D, the HD25-LV is also NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and PC/MAC compatible.

The Projector - Audio

For audio, the HD25-LV also has a built-in 16 watt (8wpc) stereo speaker system, with SRS WOW HD audio processing that is great for small rooms or business meeting settings. However, if you have home theater setup - it is best to use an external audio system to obtain the best home theater viewing and listening experience.

Connectivity Options

Now here is where things get interesting. In addition to the physical connectivity you would find on most video projectors in this class, including 2 HDMI inputs (one of which is MHL-enabled for connection of compatible devices, such as smartphones and tablets), the big bonus is the bundling of Optoma's WHD200 wireless HDMI connector/switcher.

The WHD200 is comprised of a switcher/transmitter and receiver. The receiver plugs into one of the HDMI inputs on the projector, which the transmitter can be placed anywhere in your room (up to 60 feet under ideal conditions) where up to two HDMI source components are located (Blu-ray Disc player, Upscaling DVD player, Cable/Satellite Box, Media Streamer, etc...) can be connected to its HDMI inputs. The transmitter also includes one physical HDMI output for connection to another video display (such as another video projector, TV, or small monitor).

Once set up, the transmitter can send both video (up to 1080p resolution and including 3D) and audio (standard Dolby Digital/DTS) signals to the receiver, and onto the projector (or, for routing through a home theater receiver).

Pricing and Availability

At a $1,699.99 suggested price, this product bundle is a great value. Official Product Page

Replacement Lamp for the projector is priced at $400, and can be ordered directly through Optoma or Amazon. If you want to add wireless connectivity to any video projector that has HDMI inputs, the WHD200 can also be purchased separately - Suggested Price: $219.00.