OPPO Reveals 'No Compromise' Under-Screen Camera Concept

Claims to fix most common under-display issues

OPPO has revealed its newest concept for an under-display selfie camera that claims improved photo quality without compromising screen clarity.

Under-display cameras have become a new bullet point in modern smartphone design, but have usually come with the caveat of compromised image and screen quality. OPPO claims to have found a solution to this and more with its newest prototype, which addresses many technical and manufacturing issues.

prototype device featuring OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera


The display boasts a smaller pixel size, which would increase the space between each pixel without reducing the overall number displayed on the screen—supposedly ensuring a 400-PPI display. OPPO also says it's replaced traditional screen wiring tech with a new "transparent wiring material," which has a 50% reduction in overall width to further improve display quality.

The new display also would devote one pixel circuit per pixel, combined with its own algorithms, to produce clearer text at smaller sizes, more accurate colors, and more. According to OPPO, this 1-to-1 design, coupled with its optimization algorithm, could also increase the expected lifespan of the screen by up to 50%.

Improvements to the under-display camera's image quality seem to be less about hardware breakthroughs and more about software solutions. OPPO claims that its US research branches have created a number of AI algorithms to assist with imaging.

prototype device featuring OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera


This would, according to OPPO, "reduce some of the negative side effects typically found in under-screen cameras, such as blurry images and image glare."

OPPO has not revealed any information about which phones might use this technology in the future or how much it might cost. The company simply states that it "will continue its research and development into hardware design and algorithmic processing capabilities to further optimize its under-screen camera technology."

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