Opera GX Browser Rolls Out Beta for Mods With a Valentine’s Day Twist

Others are also available, with more on the way

Opera GX kicks off the beta for user-created web browser mods with a special Valentine's Day event.

Not to be confused with the standard Opera browser, the Opera GX web browser is a more gaming-focused offshoot. And this Valentine's Day you can change a number of visual and audio options to fit the holiday—with the official mascot GX Aura acting as your Valentine.

Opera GF mod


With a temporary name change to "Opera GF," the optional mod offers various Valentine-y features to choose from. In particular, if you decide to use the new mod, you'll find a unique background wallpaper, special interface, new sound effects and background music, and occasionally encounter floating hearts.

Beyond the Valentine's Day theme, this is also the start of Opera GX's launch for the GX Mods open beta, allowing a plethora of browser customization options. This includes several pre-made choices, but Opera has also said there are plans to open a Mod store in the near future.

Opera GF mod


How Much Are Opera GX Browser Mods?

Thus far, nothing has been said about how much (if anything) browser mods will cost to download from the store or whether or not user-uploaded mods will receive any potential profit shares.

The Opera GF mod is available now, for today only, at no cost. All users have to do is start their Opera GX browser and opt-in to turn on the Valentine's Day theme. Today also marks the launch of the GX Mods beta, so keep an eye out for user-created browser modifications in the future.

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