Opera Adds Powerful New AI Tools to its Browser, Including Chatbots

You can access ChatGPT via the sidebar

Opera has stuffed a bevy of AI tools inside of its privacy-focused web browser, including integration with the popular language learning model ChatGPT.

The new Opera browser features an easily accessible sidebar for chatting with a bot and offers both ChatGPT and rival ChatSonic as conversational options. In other words, you can pick your favorite. Just update the browser and start chatting. The sidebar can easily be expanded by clicking on it if you are working on something that requires a lot of screen real estate. 

Opera AI


Beyond simple chatbot integration, Opera has also rolled out a new feature called AI Prompts. When you hover over a text on a page or via search results, AI-powered prompts suggest different ways to interact with the content. For instance, the engine allows you to auto-generate quiz questions from a website or even transform dry pre-existing content into a soap opera script or a running sports commentary. 

There seems to be an emphasis placed on fun over productivity with this service, though the tools can write outlines, papers, and everything people currently use bots like ChatGPT for. Just like with regular chat, the prompts are powered by ChatGPT and ChatSonic, and you can easily switch between the two, as the responses are color-coded. 

Opera also promises there is more to come. The company is working on its own proprietary AI engine that will bring more robust features to the table, but they have yet to provide details as to what specific improvements are heading for future updates. 

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