How to Open a Link in a New Window or Browser Tab in IE11

A right-click context menu opens your hyperlink where you want it

Internet Explorer 11 is the latest version of Microsoft's flagship web browser, which is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. IE11 supports contextual menus that extend and modify the core behaviors of the browser. Among other shortcuts, the context menu redirects where the browser should open a new hyperlink.

The information in this article applies to Internet Explorer 11.

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How to Open a Link in a New Tab or Window

Here's how to open a link in a new tab or window in IE11.

  1. Navigate to a hyperlink you want to open.

  2. Right-click the hyperlink.

  3. Select either Open in new tab or Open in new window.

    Internet Explorer with the "Open in a New Tab" option highlighted

    Opening in a new tab adds a new tab to the current Internet Explorer window. Opening in a new window launches another instance of the browser.

  4. You've redirected the hyperlink to a new tab or a new window.

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