Open Word and PowerPoint on iPad in Split Screen

Microsoft is killing it on the iPad lately

Working on two Office documents at once will up your mobile productivity.

Powerpoint and Word in Split Screen on iPad Pro
Original image: Apple Inc

Microsoft has finally enabled a productivity-enhancing feature for its iPadOS versions of Word and PowerPoint. Now you can use Split Screen to work on two documents at once from each app (or the same app). It appears to work with Excel, though that app is left out of the announcement.

How to do it: Basically, this works the same way it does for other Split Screen-enabled apps. Simply show the dock with a little slide up from the bottom of your iPad screen, then tap and hold the icon of the other app you want to work on at the same time. Slide that icon to the right edge of your iPad screen and it will enable a split.

A caveat: Microsoft says there's a way to enable Split Screen from the Open/Recent/Saved menus, but we weren't able to make that happen in our testing. Only the classic iPadOS method worked.

Bottom line: If you have iPadOS 13, you can now work on a couple of documents at the same time. As this is one of the better productivity features on the iPad, it's high time Microsoft allowed it in its, well, productivity apps.

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