Add a Header to Only the First Page in LibreOffice

Screenshot of the LibreOffice opening screen.

Whether you're creating a template for the office, writing a paper for school, or working on a novel, knowing how to add a header style to only the first page of a document could come in handy. Not only can it help with branding, but having stylized headers can also be a simple way to add a big impact to a project. These instructions and screenshots are all based on LibreOffice 4.0, which you can download free-of-charge from the official website. 

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Step 2: Set Up Your Page Style

Screenshot of the LibreOffice Format dropdown menu.

Open LibreOffice and select Text Document from the options list.

Now that you have your document open, we need to tell LibreOffice that we want this first page to have its own style. Luckily, the developers added this feature... but then, unfortunately, hid it within some menus.

To uncover it, click on the Format link at the top of the screen and then select Styles and Formatting from the drop-down menu. Or, if you're into keyboard shortcuts, you can also press F11.

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Step 3: Select the "First Page" Style

Screenshot of the LibreOffice Styles and Formatting box.

You should now see a box pop up on the right-hand side of your screen titled Styles and Formatting. By default, the Paragraph Styles tab will be open, so you'll need to select the Page Styles icon. It should be the fourth option from the left.

After you've clicked on Page Styles, you should see a screen that looks like the screenshot above. Click on the First Page option.

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Step 4: Add Your Header

Screenshot of the LibreOffice Insert menu dropdown.

Click back into your document, click on the Insert link at the top of the screen, put your mouse over the Header option, and then select First Page from the drop-down menu. This tells LibreOffice that this header version should only be on the first page of the document.

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Step 5: Stylize Your Header

Screenshot of a stylized header in LibreOffice.

And that's it! Your document is now set up to have a different header on the first page, so go ahead and add your information, knowing that this header will be unique.

It only takes a minute to go through this process now that you see how it works, so be creative and add some individual style to your documents!

You may have realized this already, but the steps above are also how you would add a unique footer to the first page ... with one difference. In Step 4, instead of selecting Header from the Insert menu, choose Footer. All the other steps remain the same.

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