How to Automatically Open the Next Message After Deleting in Yahoo

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What to Know

  • Select Settings > More Settings > Viewing email. Under the After moving a message heading, select Show next message.
  • Choose Back to Inbox to see the updated view.

If you want to read the messages in your Yahoo Mail Inbox one after the other, the service's default settings aren't ideal. When you delete or file a message, it sends you to the Inbox, where you can open the next message. You can avoid this extra step when viewing your mail in a web browser and make Yahoo Mail go to the next message automatically after you're done with the one you're reading.

Open the Next Message Automatically After Deleting in Yahoo Mail

To have Yahoo Mail open the next message automatically after you delete or move the current one:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the window, and then select More Settings.

    Yahoo mail alerts
  2. Click Viewing email.

    Show next message in Yahoo
  3. Under the After moving a message heading, click the radio button next to Show next message.

    Show next message automatically in Yahoo Mail
  4. The change saves automatically. Click Back to Inbox to return to your mail view.

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