How to Open Emails Side by Side in Yahoo! Mail

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In Yahoo! Mail, opening multiple messages side by side in separate tabs is done swiftly. You can then deal with them one at a time, of course, or switch between them easily—even re-arranging their order to suit your shuffling needs.

(As an alternative to tabs, Yahoo! Mail also offers a list of recently accessed emails, search results and drafts.)

Open Multiple Emails Side by Side in Yahoo! Mail

To open multiple messages side by side in Yahoo! Mail tabs:

  • Make sure Tabs are enabled for multitasking in Yahoo! Mail. (See below.)
  • With the Yahoo! Mail preview pane closed:
    • Click each message to open it in a separate tab.
  • With the preview pane enabled:
    • Double-click the desired message.
      • Alternatively:
        • Click the message.
        • Press Enter.

Enable "Tabs" for Multitasking in Yahoo! Mail

To make Yahoo! Mail let you open emails and search results in tabs:

  • Hover the mouse cursor over the gear icon in your Yahoo! Mail toolbar.
  • Select Settings from the menu that shows.
  • Open the Viewing email category.
  • Make sure Tabs is selected under Multitasking.
  • Click Save.