How to Create, Edit, and View Microsoft Excel Documents for Free

Try any of these spreadsheeting alternatives for free

Microsoft Excel is the application most people think of when it comes to creating, viewing, or editing spreadsheets. But with the addition of macro support and other advanced features, Excel now offers much more than just spreadsheeting tools.

While the full version of Excel costs money, there are ways to open, modify, and create Excel spreadsheets from scratch without digging into your wallet. These free methods are detailed below, the majority of which support files with XLS or XLSX extensions, among others.

Excel Online

Excel Online

Microsoft offers a web-based version of the Office suite, which includes Excel. Accessible via most browsers, Excel Online allows you to edit existing XLS and XLSX files as well as create new workbooks from scratch, free of charge.

Office Online's integration with Microsoft OneDrive lets you store your files in the cloud. It even provides the ability to collaborate with others on the same spreadsheet in real-time. While Excel Online does not include many of the paid application's more advanced features, such as macro support, users seeking basic functionality will be pleasantly surprised.

Microsoft Excel App

The features found on the Excel app, which is available on both Android and iOS, vary depending on your device. Android users with screens 10.1 inches or smaller can create and edit spreadsheets at no charge. Those running the app on larger phones and tablets will require a subscription to Microsoft 365 if they want to do anything more than view an Excel file.

iPad Pro users with screens 10.1" or larger face the same restrictions. Users of all other iPads, iPhones, or iPod Touches can create, edit, and view Excel documents for free. It should be noted that there are some advanced features that are only accessible with a subscription, no matter which device you have.

Microsoft 365 Home Trial

As we've mentioned above, Microsoft's free offerings, such as the browser-based Office suite and the Excel app, limit the features available to you. If you find yourself in a position where you require access to some of Excel's advanced functionality but do not want your wallet to take a hit, the trial version of Microsoft 365 may be a perfect short-term solution.

Once activated, you can run the complete version of Microsoft Office Home Edition (including Excel) on a combination of five PCs and Macs along with the full-fledged Excel app on up to five Android or iOS phones and tablets. You'll need to enter a valid credit card number to start the 30-day trial, and will be charged $99.99 for a 12-month subscription if you do not manually cancel before the expiration date.

Office Online Chrome Extension

An add-on for Google Chrome, this handy little tool opens a fairly powerful version of Excel within the browser's main interface on all major desktop operating systems.

The Office Online extension will not run without an active Microsoft 365 subscription but is included in this article since it will function as expected during the Microsoft 365 free trial period.


An open source software suite that can be downloaded for free, LibreOffice features an Excel alternative named Calc which supports XLS and XLSX files, as well as the OpenDocument format. Although not an actual Microsoft product, Calc offers many of the same spreadsheet features and templates that are most commonly used in Excel; all for a price tag of $0. It also contains multi-user functionality that allows for seamless collaboration, as well as several power user components, including DataPivot and a comparative Scenario Manager.

Kingsoft WPS Office

The personal, free-to-download version of Kingsoft's WPS Office suite contains an application named Spreadsheets. Compatible with XLS and XLSX files, Spreadsheets features data analysis and graphing tools along with basic spreadsheet functionality. Spreadsheets can also be installed as a standalone app on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

A business version is available for a fee that offers advanced features, cloud storage, and multi-device support.

Apache OpenOffice

Apache’s OpenOffice, one of the original free alternatives to Microsoft Office, has amassed hundreds of millions of downloads since its initial release. Available in over three dozen languages, OpenOffice includes its own spreadsheet application also named Calc. It supports both basic and advanced features, including extension and macro support along with Excel file formats.

Unfortunately, Calc, as well as the rest of OpenOffice, may be shutting down soon due to an inactive developer community. If this happens, important updates including patches for security vulnerabilities will no longer be made available. At that point, we would recommend no longer using this software.


One of the only true standalone options in this list, Gnumeric is a powerful spreadsheet application that is also available for free. This oft-updated open source program supports all Excel file formats, which was not always the case, and is scalable to work with even the largest of spreadsheets.

Google Sheets

Google's answer to Excel Online, Sheets is as full-featured as it gets for a browser-based spreadsheet. Integrated with your Google account and therefore your server-based Google Drive, this easy-to-use application offers high-end functionality, a decent selection of templates, the ability to install add-ons and on-the-fly collaboration. Sheets is fully compatible with Excel file formats and, best of all, is completely free to use. In addition to the web-based version for desktops and laptops, there are also Sheets apps available for Android and iOS devices.

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