How to Use Oodle

Free local classifieds search engine

What to Know

  • Search: Search for item, then filter results by type, date, price, etc.
  • Search other cities: Select your city name > choose new city > Set Location to change search radius.
  • Set notifications: Search for something > scroll to bottom of page to Email Alerts > enter email address.

This article explains how to use Oodle to search online classifieds.

How to Search Classifieds With Oodle

After choosing a marketplace item, you're taken to a different part of the website made especially for those classifieds. For example, if you're browsing through apartment rentals, you can filter the results to show only the two-bedroom apartments with a washer and dryer, where cats are allowed and the monthly rent is under $750.

oodle dishwasher search results

Browsing through furniture items, however, changes the filtering options to relevant things like item type (desk, chair, bed, etc.), the year it was made, the price, and the color. If you're looking for a job here, there are filters for full type of employment, required work experience, job title, and more. Pick an event date if you're looking at tickets.

You get the idea. All of these advanced options let you narrow down the results to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Find Local Classifieds in Other Cities

When you first open Oodle, you should be taken to the local classifieds in your area based on your device's location. You can change the distance from your location to find classifieds nearby, or even change the location entirely to see what's available in other cities.

Adjust the city you're browsing within by selecting the city name at the top of the page and entering a new one. This is also how you find classifieds in other countries.

oodle change location menu

Use the SET LOCATION area of the website to change the radius of your searches. You can choose the city itself or anywhere from five miles to 250 miles away. Move the setting all the way to country to see everything available in the country.

Get Notified About New Local Classifieds

Oodle lets you receive email alerts for any search you're interested in. This makes it easy to stay updated on any new local deals without having to visit the site every day.

To do that, search for something that you're interested in, and then scroll to the very bottom of the results. Enter your email address in the text box under Email Alerts. You can choose instant, hourly, or daily alerts depending on how often you want updates.

oodle email alerts for search results

What You Can Find on Oodle

You get to choose how far from the city you want to search, and there are tons of subcategories to break down the listings into manageable pages for you to sift through.

This website can also be used to sell your own products or services within the community. Supported countries include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

These are all the classifieds you can find on this site:

  • Merchandise
  • Vehicles
  • Rentals
  • Real Estate
  • Jobs
  • Pets
  • Tickets
  • Relationships
  • Office Space
  • Vacation Rentals

Within those areas are other sections to separate them into more specific categories. When you're looking for merchandise on Oodle, for example, there are subcategories for antiques, babies/kids, electronics, office items, tools, collectibles, appliances, and more.

The same goes for the others, such as Oodle services, which has subsections for career, financial, home, lawn and garden, real estate, and legal services.

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