Streaming Services That Offer Free Music

A list of subscription music services that offer a free listening option

Subscription streaming music services are a popular solution for listening to a virtually unlimited supply of full-length tracks. They also provide a flexible way of listening to music in multiple locations and on several types of mobile device platforms (mobile music). However, not all subscription music services that stream offer you a long term way of test driving the main benefits they offer.

To help you source a range of subscription streaming music services that offer completely free accounts that never expire, take a look at our list which highlights some of the best.

Spotify. Image © Spotify Ltd.

Signing up to Spotify Free involves using your Facebook account. Just like most of the other music services that offer a free account, Spotify Free is also advertisement supported. After initially signing up you will get an unlimited amount of free streaming, but after 6 months there's a 10 hour per month restriction. There is no offline music caching mode with the free account, but you do get unlimited access to millions of tracks along with facilities like: Spotify radio, playlist creation, and being able to share songs via social networking sites.

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Slacker Internet Radio Service
Slacker Internet Radio Service. Image © Slacker, Inc.

If you like your digital music delivered in radio style (aka Internet Radio), then Slacker Radio is worth a serious look if you want to start off free. Slacker Basic Radio comes with an excellent range of features and your music listening isn't restricted like it can be with some other services. However, the music does come with adverts and there's also a maximum skip limit of 6 songs in a station per hour. That said, Slacker's free account gets you access to hundreds of professional programmed stations; the ability to create your own stations; share songs on social networking platforms, and mobile music. This last option is usually a paid-for facility, so getting it for free makes Slacker Radio a worthy contender if you are looking for a service that works on your mobile device for free too.

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Deezer Logo
Deezer Logo. Image © Deezer

Like other services in this article, Deezer offers a a free advertisement supported account called, Discovery. With it you can get a feel for what Deezer offers without any listening restrictions for the first 12 months. After this, there is a 2 hour streaming limit per month. This cut-down version as you might expect doesn't come with mobile device support -- you'll need to subscribe to the Premium+ plan for that.

Deezer is available in over 200 countries and has a good set of features comparable to other services which includes: editor's picks, personalized recommendations, artist-based and themed radio stations, and social networking tools.

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Rdio Logo
Rdio Logo. Image © Rdio, Inc.

Rdio Free gives you a good taster of how the platform works so you don't have to financially jump straight in from the start. This basic freemium option enables you to comfortably try out Rdio's core features. One of the advantages of using Rdio Free is that songs don't come with advertisements like the usual crop subscription services offering a free account.

The quality of the music streams are good and you can create playlists to keep things organized. As you'd expect, you don't get an unlimited supply of ad-free music, but there's still plenty on offer including great social networking tools. More »