Online Diaries From Real People

The not so private lives of ordinary people

Silhouette of male hand typing on laptop keyboard at night
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If you don't have an online diary, or maybe even if you do, you may wonder why someone would write their most personal thoughts and feelings online. We have asked these online diary authors why they wrote theirs. Six of them responded and this is what they had to say.  

Living in the Bonus Round 

The diarist that started Living in the Bonus Round was dying of AIDS. He survived, and now the blog is now a way of helping others who are facing the same thing, and where you can read about his life and music. "I began writing the diary back when I was sick and truly dying," Steve Schalchlin said. "The page gave inspiration and support for caregivers who were having trouble communicating with the ones they were caring for. So, in reaching out to help myself, I found myself helping others."

Diary of an Average Australian

"I've been writing humour for some time, and I realised a couple of years ago that a lot of what I was writing was based on personal experiences. A friend suggested I compile them as a diary, and since then I've tried to write more about my everyday experiences, concentrating for the most part on amusing anecdotes. I keep it online because I know other people enjoy reading it, and I certainly enjoying writing it." Daniel Bowen.

The musings and photographs on this site amuse, entertain and enthrall. 

Owl's Eye View

"This is actually a tough one – mostly because I started writing online, mostly on a lark, so to speak. I guess the reason I kept on doing it, is that it's cathartic. I can write and while for the most part, I don't know who the audience is, someone else is hearing me speak. From time to time, I get meaningful feedback on what I've said, that part makes me feel less alone. It's comforting to know that other people have or are currently, going through some of the same kinds of things. That support can be enlightening."

The Owl's Eye blog is old. The writer stopped making entries in April of 1999, and since there is no reference to the author's name anywhere on the page or any associated pages, it's impossible to know where this person is now. But if you're a bit of a voyeur, you might find this little journal interesting.