Safety Tips for OkCupid Users

Is it safe to use OkCupid?

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Jamie Grill / Getty Images

So you’ve gotten the courage up to get yourself an account on OkCupid and you’re now ready to enter the world of online dating. Online dating on OkCupid can be both a mystical magical place and a dark scary one as well, depending on who you meet, what you share, and what your prospective dates do with that information.

The big question: How do you put yourself out there on OkCupid while still maintaining some level of privacy?

Never Use Any Part of Your Real Name in Your Profile Name

Let’s face it, creepers are gonna creep. Don’t make it too easy for them. When you create an OkCupid username, you’re making an alias that will be what people on the site will know you by. You put yourself at risk from a privacy standpoint by putting part or your whole name in as an alias.

Creepers can take this name, head on over to Facebook or some other social media site, and use it to look you up and discover much more information about you, and potentially your loved ones. Create a fun alias, it’s much more fun and creative than using your real name anyway.

Limit the Amount of Personal Info You Share in Your Profile

Another important part of building your personal profile on OkCupid is putting interesting information about yourself in your profile to try and attract that special someone.

As much as you might want to list specifics such as where you went to school, where you work, etc, don’t do it. The reason: someone could aggregate this information with other information they find on the Internet to find you in the real world.

Keep it as generic as possible. Instead of listing what college you went to, just say “went to school in the dirty south”. 

Consider Using a Separate Email Address for Dating-Related Email

Again, you want to control your personal information as much as possible. Using an email account that's not associated with anything other than your dating activities, might be worth considering because if dating site creepers get a hold of your real email address, they can easily search for it on Facebook and likely obtain your Facebook profile which helps them get to know you better than you might want them to.

There are many free and disposable email services available such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

Consider Turning OFF Location Services for the OkCupid Mobile App

Many dating apps, including OkCupid, will utilize your phone’s GPS for the purpose of determining which potential matches you might be near. While this sounds like a good thing, it can also be potentially dangerous.

Providing information about your location not only tells potential strangers, creepers, and criminals where you are, but it also tells them where you’re not. If your profile says you live in Springfield, but your current location shows Fairfax then this let’s potential bad guys know that this might be a good time to rob your house because, apparently, you’re not there.

If they’ve used other elements in your profile to obtain your full name and address then they know exactly where you live.

Less Is More, Consider Skipping the Racy Questions

There are some extremely provocative questions on OkCupid unless you are trying to attract a very specific type of person, you might want to consider opting out of some of the racier questions. Also, your answers to these questions might come back to haunt you later if people you know, such as your coworkers, look at your answers and use them to harm your reputation.

Block and/or Report Abusive Matches

If any of your matches harass or intimidate you, use the apps blocking feature so you won’t be bothered by them again. If they get really ugly, consider reporting them to OkCupid through the “report” function in the app.