Safety Tips for OkCupid Users

Use caution when trying this online dating app

Online dating on OkCupid can be exciting and scary depending on who you meet, what you share, and what prospective dates do with that information. Here are some tips for staying safe on OkCupid and how to report OkCupid users who violate the community guidelines.

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Never Use Your Real Name as Your Profile Name

When you create an OkCupid username, you're making an alias by which people on the site will know you. You put yourself at risk from a privacy standpoint by including part of your real name.

Other users might use information in your OkCupid profile to find you on Facebook or other social media sites, which could give them more information about you and your loved ones. Create a profile name that is creative and eye-catching but not personally identifiable.

Limit the Amount of Personal Info You Share on Your Profile

Another important part of building your personal profile on OkCupid is adding interesting information about yourself to attract that special someone.

As much as you might want to list specifics, such as where you go to school and where you work, don't do it. Someone could aggregate this information with other data they find on the internet to find you in the real world. Keep it as generic as possible.

Don't upload photos that can give away information about where you work or go to school.

Use a Separate Email Address for Online Dating

Use an email account that's not associated with anything other than your dating activities. If someone gains access to your real email address, they can search for it on Facebook and other similar sites. There are many free and disposable email services you could use.

If you want to stay in touch with someone, use an instant messaging app such as WhatsApp instead of giving them your phone number.

Turn off Location Services for the OkCupid App

Many dating apps use your phone's GPS to determine your proximity to potential matches. Providing information about your location tells strangers where you are, and it tells them where you are not.

If your profile says you live in Springfield, but your current location shows Fairfax, potential bad guys know that this might be a good time to rob your house, since you're not home. If they use other elements in your profile to obtain your full name and address, they'll know exactly where you live.

Skip the Racy Questions

There are some provocative questions on OkCupid that you might want to opt-out of answering. Your answers to these questions and anything else you put on OkCupid might come back to haunt you.

Block and Report Abusive Matches

If any of your matches harass or intimidate you, use the app's blocking feature so that you won't be bothered by them again. If they persist, report the abusive behavior to OkCupid. Contact law enforcement if you feel endangered in any way.

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