Online Dating

Online dating can be a minefield but it can also build beautiful, lasting relationships. We're help to help with tips and tricks for different dating apps.
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A man looking at a Bumble profile on an iPhone.
Getting No Matches on Bumble? Here's How to Fix That
A man looking at a Bumble profile on an iPhone.
How to Make a Bumble Profile
A person holding a laptop computer
10 Things You Should Never Post on Social Networks
An iPhone showing Bumble Boost.
What's Included in Bumble Boost and How to Take Advantage of It
Miniature figurine standing on a book with a bookmark
Social Bookmarking? Here's Why It's so Useful
A woman looking at the Bumble app on a iPhone.
Bumble SuperSwipe: What It Is and How to Use It
A woman looking at the Bumble app on an iPhone.
Swiped Left on a Bumble Match? Go Back on Bumble to Reconsider
A person opening the Bumble app on their iPhone.
Bumble Not Working? Here's How to Fix It
An image of the Tumblr sign-in tab on a smartphone.
Delete Your Tumblr Blog When You Don't Need it Anymore on a laptop.
How to Use Bumble on the Web
Illustration listing the pros and cons of social networking
The Pros and Cons of Social Media
A person looking at dating apps on a smartphone.
Should You Use Bumble or Tinder?
A vector of a heart puzzle via two smartphone screens.
What Is the Bumble Dating App?
A man in a blue shirt holding an iPhone with money symbols flying out of the screen.
How to Cancel Bumble Boost on iOS and Android
A person opening the Bumble app on an iPhone.
Need a Break From Bumble? Snooze or Permanently Delete Your Account
Tinder logo on an smartphone screen
What Exactly Is Tinder, Anyway?
A person's hand holding a smartphone with a dating app on its screen.
The 8 Best Dating Apps of 2022
A stock photo of a woman looking at her smartphone while sitting at a desk with her laptop, colorful binders and a to-go cup of coffee with the lid taken off and set aside.
Dating and Technology Issues: What Is Ghosting?
A man surprising a woman holding an iPhone
More Than 5 Tinder Tips to up Your Game and Get That Match
Delete Tinder app
Over the Dating App Scene? Here's How to Scrub Tinder From Your Phone
Two people sending messages to each other on the Tinder app from their smartphones.
Send a Message on Tinder
The profile page of Bumble BFF is displayed with a variety of photos and information displayed.
Our Bumble Guide Will Have You Meeting New Friends and Partners in No Time!
Couple Screenshot
An iPhone App That Could Help Your Long Distance Relationship
Bumble app logo on a phone in front of a computer and coffee
Use Bumble's Paid Feature to Get More Eyes on Your Dating Profile
Two smartphones with hearts on both screens.
A 'Tinder for Threesomes' Exists, Plus More Matchmaker Apps
Online dating
5 Online Dating Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore
Person's hand holding an iPhone with the App Store app listing for Grindr opened.
If You're Done Using Grindr, Here's How to Delete It
Smart phones with broken heart on screen
Online Dating Safety Tips for OkCupid Users