Online Backup Q&A

I Asked Online Backup Services the Questions You Most Wanted Answers To

I have a popular list of online backup services that I continually review and re-rank, as well as a comparison chart to help make finding the best backup service for you as easy as possible, plus an online backup FAQ where I answer the most common questions I get.

However, it's almost impossible to compare some important aspects of these companies in a simple table, list, or series of answers from me.

So, in an effort to make your decision even easier, I went directly to every online backup provider I've profiled and asked them to answer common questions that I get about their services. Their answers are in the pages I've linked to below and are organized by how well I personally believe they answered the questions given.

Note: These questions were answered in late 2013. I'm working right now on getting updated answers for 2015. Feel free to let me know if there's another question you think I should ask.

Choice Graphic

The first question I asked in this Q&A series is one that I don't think any of these online backup services had too hard a time coming up with an answer for:

Why should I sign up with your online backup service over all the other options out there?

I thought Mozy and Backblaze gave the best answers to this one but be sure to look through them all, especially if you're leaning towards another service and are curious about what they had to say. More »

Red X Graphic

This seems like a pretty clear yes-or-no type of question, and I do answer it in my comparison table, but I still get asked a lot if a particular online backup service really, truly does or doesn't limit in some way:

Are there any limits whatsoever on what, or how much, I can backup with your service?

I think Backblaze answered this question best but of course it helps that they offer some really popular "unlimited" backup plans. Not every service offers an unlimited plan and that's okay. More »

Hand with Key

This is a perfect example of the kind of complicated, and frequently asked, question that is best answered in actual words by a human being:

Is there any possibility that someone at your company could view my backed up files?

Backblaze and ElephanDrive gave the clearest answers to this important question, in my opinion. However, it's obvious by the answers that every backup service is aware that this is a concern and have taken steps to prevent unwanted access to your data. More »

Security Camera Graphic

An increasingly common reason to avoid signing up with any online backup service is the fear that the data being stored is easily accessible by the NSA in the United States or some other government body, which led me to my next question:

How do you handle NSA or other government requests for data?

I think SpiderOak and Backblaze had the best answers, at least from my perspective. More »

Business People Graphic

Some concerns many of you have shared with me about online backup services deal with the companies themselves and how established they are, so I asked this which should help:

How long have you been in the online backup business and how many customers do you have?

In my opinion, Backblaze and SOS appear to be the most established companies overall. Now that certainly doesn't mean that the other services aren't going to be around for the long haul, nor does it mean that these two are here forever, so be sure to take a look at the online backup service you're interested in for a closer look at their business. More »