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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Backup Services

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I have a very popular list of online backup services that generates a lot of personal questions via email. Since the majority of them are similar, I figured it was time to answer the common ones in a dedicated piece.

Before we get to the questions a bit further down the page, here are several of my cloud backup pieces that you may not have seen but might be helpful:

Below are links to pages dedicated to each question. Please let me know if you have another question you'd like me to answer that you also think others would appreciate:

Basic Online Backup Questions

Common Concerns About Backing Up Online

Choosing an Online Backup Service

Using Online Backup

Restoring Backed Up Files

Other Online Backup Questions

Still Confused About Online Backup?

If you've looked through everything above but still have questions or concerns about backing up online, see my Get More Help page for information about contacting me on social networks or via email, posting on tech-related forums, and more.