Online Backup Comparison

A Comparison of Features Offered by the Best Online Backup Services

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All online backup services offer basic features like automatic, regularly occurring, and incremental backup, as well as the ability to restore previously backed up data.

Beyond that, however, online backup services start to show their differences.

Some services allow backup from network drives while others don't. Only some allow device-to-device syncing. The only one I've profiled below supports Linux.

With so many differences, a feature comparison chart, like the one below, can help you decide which online backup service is best for you.

My Online Backup Q&A may help too, which is a series of interviews with online backup providers, allowing you to compare responses to important questions about NSA access, usage limits, and more. See my Online Backup FAQ for even more help.

Wondering where the prices are? Most online backup services have several plans that differ in price based on storage and devices supported.

See my Price Comparison: Unlimited Online Backup Plans and Price Comparison: Multi-Computer Online Backup Plans for updated information.

Online Backup Service Feature Comparison

Unlimited Plan(s)  
Limited Plan(s)    
Business Plan(s)
Free Plan(s)     
Free Trial
2+ Computers per Account2 2
Multi-Device Syncing  3 
No File Size Limit
No File Type Limits1 
No Fair Use Limits
No Bandwidth Throttling
Windows 10 Support
Windows 8/8.1 Support4
Windows 7 Support
Windows Vista Support
Windows XP Support
Mac OS X Support
Linux Support     
Other OS Support     
Native 64-bit Software 
iOS App
Android App
Windows Phone App    
BlackBerry App     
Windows 10/8 App     
Desktop File Access 
Web App File Access
Transfer Encryption (128-bit)  
Transfer Encryption (256-bit)   
File Encryption (128-bit)    
File Encryption (256-bit)   
File Encryption (448-bit)    
Private Encryption Option(s)  
File Versioning (Limited)  
File Versioning (Unlimited)    
Mirror Image Backup   7  
Drive-Level Backup 
Folder-Level Backup
File-Level Backup 
Backup From Mapped Drive5   
Backup From Attached Drive6
Continuous Backup (≤ 1 min)
Backup Frequency Option(s)
Idle Backup Option  
Bandwidth Control (Simple) 
Bandwidth Control (Advanced)  
Offline Backup Option(s)    
Offline Restore Option(s)  
Multiple Backup Destination Option(s)   
Local Backup Option(s)   
Locked/Open File Support  
Backup Set Option(s)  8 
Integrated Player/Viewer   
File Sharing   33
Backup Status (Email Alerts) 
Backup Status (Other Alerts)  
North America Data Center(s) 
South America Data Center(s)     
Europe Data Center(s)  
Asia Data Center(s)     
Africa Data Center(s)     
Australia Data Center(s)    
Phone Support    
Email Support
Chat Support  
Forum Support   
Self Support

Important: While the feature list I've created above is pretty extensive and I've further clarified some information in the footnotes above, you should deeper investigate any online backup service's feature that you're particularly interested in before you decide to purchase one of their plans. I may have that more detailed information in my review of the service (if I have one) or you may find it in the self-support area on the backup service's website.

Note: Features available only in a service's business-class online backup plan are not shown here.

[1] Most online service providers automatically exclude certain file types you're unlikely to want to backup (like temporary files, extremely large files, etc.) but these exclusions can be removed if you want.

[2] This feature is available in some, but not all, plans by this online backup provider.

[3] This feature is available via an extra service/program from this provider.

[4] Windows 8 Pro & 8.1 Pro are the only supported versions of Windows 8 for this backup provider's software.

[5] This feature is available with this online backup service's software but only when installing on some operating systems.

[6] This feature is only available if you're using Windows and only in some of this provider's online backup plans.

[7] This feature is only available when backing up locally, and only in some of this provider's online backup plans.

[8] This feature is only available when backing up locally.