OnePlus' New Nord CE 2 Will Be Out Next Week

And unlike the Nord 2, it has a headphone jack

OnePlus has unveiled the latest model from its Nord CE (Core Edition) line, which releases next week.

The Nord CE 2 looks to be both a follow-up to the original Nord CE, as well as a less feature-heavy (but possibly more affordable) alternative to the Nord 2. The Nord CE 2 will also have a headphone jack, which seems to have been enough of an issue for Nord 2 owners that OnePlus saw fit to call this feature out in the announcement video.

Teaser of the Nord CE 2


Specific details on the Nord 2 CE that don't involve headphones are a bit more sparse, though the OnePlus' teaser confirms support for up to a 1TB microSD card and 65W SuperVOOC fast charging that boasts a full day's charge in 15 minutes. It appears that OnePlus intends to reveal more features on the Nord CE 2 launch page before release, but much of that information is still unavailable.

It's possible we (technically) already know specs for the Nord CE 2, though, as GSMArena points out that leaked details indicate what's basically a rebranded Oppo Reno7 SE.

An MSRP is also unconfirmed, but we can assume the Nord CE 2 will likely fall somewhere between the Nord CE's (approximate) $400 and the Nord 2's $550.

As for a release date? That we have; OnePlus says the Nord CE 2 will launch next week on February 17.

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