OneLook - A Search Engine for Words and Phrases

OneLook is a dictionary and translation metasearch engine. OneLook searches more than one thousand online dictionaries at the time of this writing in order to find whatever definition that you're looking for; in addition, you can use OneLook to find translations of a particular word in other languages.

How to Use OneLook

The first thing I would suggest when using OneLook is to head on over to the OneLook customization page.

Here, you'll get to choose exactly how your search results are going to appear, in addition to whatever search parameters you'd like to set from the start.

Once you've got OneLook customized to your own personal preferences, check out the list of dictionaries that OneLook currently indexes results from. You can really narrow down your search here by deciding what kind of dictionary you'd like to focus your search in (choices include general, art, business, medicine, and more), or you could limit your search to dictionaries of a particular language (English, Spanish, Italian, etc.).

Now that you've got a bit of housekeeping done, go ahead and navigate to the OneLook main page. Type whatever word you'd like to look up in the main search query bar - you've got a choice below of definitions, translations, or search all dictionaries. I decided to do a search for yule.

Search results in OneLook are nicely presented.

I was able to see 24 different dictionaries with English definitions that matched the word "yule", and if I didn't wish to comb through all of those, OneLook gave me a nice little box to the right with a quick definition. In addition, at the bottom of the search results page, I was able to view different phrases that include the word "yule" (yule log, sir henry yule, etc.), and words that are similar or related to "yule" (Christmas, noel, and more).

OneLook Special Features

OneLook has a few of what they call "extra goodies" that are worth a look. Here are a few:

You can find definitions here, words and phrases that start with a specific word, words and phrases that end with a specific word, words that start with a specific set of letters (and end with a set of letters), words that start with a couple of letters that have related meanings to another word, adjectives, synonyms, phrases that contain a word, and much more. Many of these search queries are not available in standard search engine searches, which makes OneLook a particularly useful tool for anyone looking for a very targeted set of results. 

Why Should I Use OneLook?

OneLook is easy to use, it provides fast and relevant results, and I appreciated that it didn't have a lot of extra clutter. It's just a simple dictionary/translation search engine, and I would highly recommend OneLook the next time you are searching for a word definition or translation.